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  1. Thank you for the reply. I should have pointed out that the first thing I did was go through the camera section in settings and change key mapping for anything that looked like it could fix the problem, but none of it did. I submitted a ticket on this because I can't think of anything else to try.
  2. IL2 updated and of course set all key mapping back to default, which means I can no longer use the hat switch on the joystick to look around the cockpit freely. I can't remember how I initially got this set up to work the way I wanted it to. Any help appreciated.
  3. I have bombing assist enabled in settings, but there is no corresponding visual marker to assist bombing. Why is this? I have also been unable to find a key command to toggle bombing assist on and off. Any help with this is appreciated.
  4. Yes, I've tried changing settings, but for some reason bomb assist won't display even when enabled. I found that part of the issue was simply expectations after transferring from Rise of Flight. Things blow up pretty easily in that sim.
  5. I'm going to give these suggestions a try. Thank you!
  6. I've been loading my Camel with bombs to attack anti-aircraft and enemy cars, but notice that they do no damage. Cars actually seem to be indestructible. I've tested this by parking next to one and dropping all my bombs, and they have no effect whatsoever. Bullets also do nothing to cars and bombs do nothing to bridges, etc. Why is this?
  7. Brief description: Sopwith Camel aileron connection misaligned on port side. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs):
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