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  1. Actually, this one is easier. ;Filename is "IL2_vJoy.ahk" #SingleInstance, force #include <CvJoyInterface> ; Create an object from vJoy Interface Class. vJoyInterface := new CvJoyInterface() ; Was vJoy installed and the DLL Loaded? if (!vJoyInterface.vJoyEnabled()){ ; Show log of what happened Msgbox % vJoyInterface.LoadLibraryLog ExitApp } myStick := vJoyInterface.Devices[A_Args[1]] myStick.SetBtn(1,A_Args[2]) sleep 50 myStick.SetBtn(0,A_Args[2]) AHK, vJoy and the vJoy library by evilC are required - see AutoHotKey site. BarRaiders Advanced Launcher is also required - see Stream Deck application. Run the single script file from BarRaiders Advanced Launcher and use arguments "[vJoy device #] [button #]" in the field required, eg "1 2" would denote vJoy device 1 and button 2. A space is required between both of the arguments. The example bellow shows arguments for virtual device 2 and button 128. If anyone wants a third argument to control button press duration, first the line with "sleep 50" needs to be changed to "sleep A_Args[3]" and then add the third argument as the amount of time to pause (in milliseconds) between 0 and 2147483647 (24 days) in the arguments field...don't use max value! Have fun.
  2. G'day guys. I was having the same issue with Stream Deck not functioning well with IL-2. I eventually decided that I was approaching the problem from the wrong direction, so I decided to go back to my old friend AHK, vJoy and the vJoy library by evilC. I created a simple script that presses a virtual joystick button (1-128) on a virtual joystick. It first creates 128 files whose contents are exactly the same, allowing for future individual customisation of buttons, then it uses the number after the dash in the filename to determine which button to press. Each script is launched using BarRaiders Advanced Launcher. The advantage with this is that you can set 128 buttons (with a little work also include 4 x POV/hat and 8 axes) on 16 possible virtual devices...that's 2048 possible unique buttons and not a single modifier key used. You can name the file vJoy2-1.ahk initially and it will create the scripts needed. Hope it helps.
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