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  1. Thank you blue team for the battles! Red team - congratulations!
  2. Hey, LG pilots! Stop killing everything that can fly! I thought we would take at least one diploma. But it is impossible when all targets are down... p.s. Padre, don't love Stalin too much. Love your red team mates as well Amen! Very good Major general Padre, very good!
  3. What to do if your PC doesn't work well:
  4. We have had a big discussion with mates and we have a common opinion. I am sorry to say but for our squad the Pacific front is a nightmare because we don't like these planes and this war at all. We thought we could fly the best soviet fighters as Yak-9T, La-5FN, Yak-3, La-7 soon. But now this dream is deadly far away. All Skv (Il-2 Sturmovik true fans and supporters) are extrimelly disappoint!
  5. Skv_Serafim


    Virtual pilot is ready for battle: Wife will not attack from the 6.
  6. Full version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=HINaDtR55U8#t=606 How it was in 1945...
  7. Congratulations! https://pochta-polevaya.ru/content/i/20712/1340423457_A000AA10.jpg
  8. Anatoliy Leopoldovich Golimbievsky - a true hero of Great Patriotic War
  9. it seems someone needs a share in this business
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