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  1. It may have been a business mistake, but their online lobby was the first time I did multiplayer. I remember shooting my first plane down and thinking, “Holy cow, that was another person flying that plane!!”
  2. The demo came with my ATi Radeon 9700 Pro. What a combo. I was hooked on Il-2 immediately!
  3. Congrats on getting this to official inclusion!!
  4. I understand that the devs need revenue, but it’s frustrating seeing new products being announced when I’ve pre-ordered BoN over a year ago and am still waiting on several aircraft to see the light of day. I’m looking forward to FC2, but it seems that with such a small team, they’re stretched exceedingly far with all the projects. In other words, give us the Mossie already!! 😜
  5. Horrible news to hear. Prayers for his family.
  6. For me, it’s the purest form of the 190 as it hasn’t been lengthened or really gained any weight from Kurt Tank’s original design. It is also a very pure fighter. Fast and nimble, and a ton of fun to tear around the skies. It doesn’t fit as well with the Eastern Front stuff as it would in a Western Front scenario, where it was a great, and several times an overwhelming, match for the Spit V. It’s my favorite variant of my favorite plane. It was obviously a must purchase as soon as it was announced. 😀
  7. Good Lord, this is a SCREAMING deal! I'm good to go on hardware for now, otherwise I would've snapped this up in a heartbeat.
  8. You sir, make some absolutely splendid skins! Thank you for all of your hard work.
  9. Yep, all the updates are just written over the old files.
  10. Yep, I’ve seen it two separate nights now. Super cool!!
  11. Does this known issue affect other planes as well? I have the same problem with the P-47 Razorback. The default skins are now in the custom drop down menu in game.
  12. These are some great skins mate, thanks much!
  13. Another set of beautiful skins Julian, thank you!
  14. Outstanding IL-2: Pacific Fighters knowledge. 😄 What a fiasco that was.
  15. I’m sorry to hear about your Dad, DetCord12B. I love your Mod, but family should take precedence always.
  16. That’s a ripper Julian!!
  17. I have a 980Ti and I run at 1440p and Ultra settings, except canopy reflections off, distant buildings off, and draw distance to 70km. I get 60fps with no issues.
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