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  1. Wonderful skin Julian! Mr. Sundin does incredible work, I have a ton of his books and he did a one meter print of Armin Faber's A3 for me. BlackHellHound created a 2K version of that skin...any chance you could make a 4K version?
  2. Mr. Carlson has quite the WWI collection!
  3. No, there is not. I’d suggest just biting the bullet and download/install them all now. Makes it a ton easier when updates are made.
  4. Outstanding, thank you again for all of your continued hard work, @Oyster_KAI!!
  5. His model company (Wingnut Wings) just folded its tent, so I doubt he’s want to jump into something like this. Especially considering how far along in development FC already is. I’m sure his vast fortune would help, just not seeing why he’d be willing to part with a large chunk of it.
  6. HAHAHA!!! No, they're not. If I were still single and had a gigantic monitor, I might watch stuff on there, but with a family, that ain't gonna work. That being said, a nice, large monitor will be better for this sim, and gaming in general.
  7. I’m with @LukeFF on this one. They nailed the look of it. It’s pretty close to what I’ve seen in RL cockpits.
  8. Same, and it didn’t stop until another AI pilot said something five minutes later to break the chain.
  9. I don't use VR, but I don't perceive any FPS in on a monitor either, this is the best mod I use by far. Thanks so much @Oyster_KAI!
  10. Beauties! Thanks Julian.
  11. That was tremendous, thank you for sharing!
  12. If you truly like racing games, find yourself a copy of Richard Burns Rally. You’ll thank me later.
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