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  1. The Wingnut kits are outstanding. I'm definitely more WWII-centric, but the WWI pilots seemed to have a different aura about them, as if the were true knights of the air.
  2. I’m in absolute hysterics right now! Thanks mate!
  3. I use the first flap setting for takeoff, and full flaps for landing. That's it. I never use them in combat.
  4. Wow, that's a fantastic set, Det. Thanks!
  5. Cool! I'll let you know where we'll be when it gets closer to show time. I'm down in Gig Harbor, you ever fly into KTIW?
  6. Thanks for sharing this Moto, always cool to read about how the Flugwerk planes handle. Like Skud, I had a similar conversation with Mr. Hinton, where he said the same things. He REALLY likes the A5.. I really wish the FHCAM would fly the 190 more often. I've seen it fly a handful of times, but I've also been there when it was supposed to fly and it didn't for various reasons. Last year at SkyFair, it flew an abbreviated session and they had to shut it down again. @II./JG77_motoadve Are you going to be at SkyFair this year? My virtual squadron is a having a get-together this summer, and there'll be a handful of us there.
  7. That's a FACT! My feet slip to the bottom way too often.
  8. Try plugging it in to one of the motherboard USB slots. I have had issues with powered USB's hubs before and have stopped using them. I know it can be a PITA as those USB slots on the MB fill up quick, but a lot of hardware nowadays depends on good USB connections.
  9. I can, but I'm out of town until after Christmas. Yep, the LEGO Sopwith Camel. Fun build.
  10. I picked up those wheel replacements, and it makes a world of difference. Thanks for the advice on those! I also mounted my throttle quadrant on top of the VPC throttle mount, and it's working out quite nicely.
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