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  1. Thank you for at least considering it. Keep up the great work!!!
  2. Well played mate, well played.
  3. These are absolutely stunning mate!!! Your skins are always top notch and accurate. Is there any chance you would consider updating your 2K skins to 4K? The Armin Faber Fw190-A3 is a favorite of mine, and I was just thinking out loud...
  4. These are some top notch paints, thanks!!!
  5. Another astounding video mate!!! If you ever fly into KTIW, please let me know. I'd love to buy you a beer at the Hub and check out your jaw-dropping 182.
  6. I can't recommend these pedals highly enough. Just a phenomenal piece of kit!
  7. It'll definitely work. I've got a Virpil joystick base, Warthog grip and throttle, CH throttle quad, and Crosswind rudder pedals. This Franken-pit works great!
  8. Breathtaking stuff! Montana is beyond beautiful, and you captured that so well. Love your 182 as well, and sorry I never got back to you about SkyFair. Maybe we can meet up another time, I'd love to chat! Thanks for sharing this video, and your YouTube channel is top notch.
  9. I'm close by, but I don't know how I'd fit all my sim gear in that thing. Also, I'm more an Fw190 guy anyway. Great work on this pit though.
  10. These are some top quality skins mate, thanks!
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