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  1. So many excellent screen shots my wall paper file is filling up fast - keep them coming and a big thank you
  2. Thank you Stoopy for this - its helping me in getting better at ground attack missions. Regards
  3. Cheers Hanu - Excellent skins - Thank you for sharing them Regards
  4. Cheers Mack. These missions will help me improve my over efficiency when trying to complete ground missions😀
  5. Thank you Julian for another wonderful skin. I was going to start skinning as I have some experience, but the level of the skins on forum is just excellent. So all I am doing is adding the odd kills on the side of my current campaign aircraft. I look forward to more of your work - and a big thank you Regards
  6. Patrick - I would like to say a big thank you for the work and time you have put into this. I am 3 missions in an Soviet Campaign and having so much fun - Best Regards
  7. Welcome Enzo. You will find the community very helpful and there is just so much information to help you.
  8. Hi Civetta - I am also new to the forum and am just finding my feet. Do you have a TrackIR? as I find that using this is a great help although in a recent mission a Bf 109 F4 took me out as I was focus on bringing down a HA to my front. Regards
  9. szelljr - Thank you for these skins. I am new to BoS and I am just blown away by the skins. Thank you for sharing them with us. Best Regards
  10. Beanie


    Thank you Stoopy and LuseKofte for the advice. I have just completed my first mission - an interception mission as Soviet Yak 1b. The dogfight was great just a great big furball of aircraft milling around. Such great fun!!
  11. Beanie


    Thank you DD_Arthur - I kept pressing E so was also switching the engine off!!! Dohh!!! - Clearly to much Christmas rum 💥 Killer - Yes I am finding taxing the hardest, but will keep at it My next step is to now start a Yak 1b 69 campaign This is an excellent game and I just don't know why I had not got it sooner Dohh!!! Cheers
  12. Beanie


    Thank you for the welcomes. Just need to sort out how to start the engine and I am good to go - just don't seem to be able to get this simple task completed!!! Have looked at the tuts on youtube as well as guides - clearly I am not getting it!!! But I will keep trying until I can start up the engine and taxis. Regards
  13. Beanie


    Just a quick Hi to all members. Recently purchased il-2 BoS (3 days ago) and I am just having the best time. Already collected a number of collector aircraft and download the extra skins from the forum. Learning to fly the Yak 1b69 at the moment and will step into a BoS campaign in the next couple of days. I would like to thank all those that have shared their campaigns and aircraft skins - They have made a great game even better. Best Regards
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