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  1. Will the skins be official so that they can be used on the multiplay servers?
  2. I bought the first iteration of the game and got hooked... So much fun.
  3. Ugh.. So long to wait till the addition of infantry. I thought they were further along than that. Very well then I shall wait.
  4. I usually buy games on Steam but ended up buying it via il2 website thinking I was just going to buy TankCrew at best... I've been having a lot of fun and looks like I'll pick up Bodenplatte before the sale ends. Can I leave a comment on Steam for the need for more tanks even if I bought the game on il2's site?
  5. I just bought the game after being hesitant due to some of the FUD for the past 4 months. I should have bought the game long time ago... It's freakin amazing.. This is what wwiionline wanted to be in 1999. Now we need more tanks, seriously. There are a PLETHORA of planes now we need to work on the ground component. Jadgpanther (Normandy), when? We also need a howitzer. The Stug42 would fit that model perfectly and could be used to make the Stug3g in the future...
  6. I'd really like to see the addition of the Elephant. It most likely wouldn't be too much of a hassle to turn the Ferd to the Elephant. We would have a cupula with MG34 then.
  7. I would like to see the option to mount a platoon; drop them off to help cover your tank and attack local AT guns (possibly), buildings and possibly nearby tanks. Think "Combat Missions" series. These AI soldiers would stay within a radius and be able to take simple commands via F series keys and/or voice command. I'd also like to see through their "eye's" as an option if possible... Does anyone know what the ETA will be on this...? I'd also like to see an inclusion of Stug42 (150mm) and Jadgpather for Normandy but I guess this should be separate topic.
  8. This is great! Just bought the game a few days ago. Playing the heck out of it.
  9. Excellent work on the skins in this community...! 1. I actually downloaded 6 skins but only one of them appeared at playable. The others didn't show up... I didn't use or dl the JGME mod (I think thats what it's called)... Should I be using that? 2. Also do we have an ETA for the modded "official skins" to be released via a patch...?
  10. 1. When will these (skins) be implemented in game? We desperately need this. 2. Does each online server allow or disallow skins in the game? And more importantly if the skins become "official" then wouldn't mean that the skins would be allowed for multiplay online? 3. How many developers are working on the game?
  11. This is the issue. 9) The game doesn't run smoothly on my laptop, can something be done with it? When launched by default the game runs on an integrated video adapter which is almost always not enough for the game. Please, open your graphic card driver settings and make sure that Il-2.exe will always run on this card, not on your integrated adapter. It looks like it's working now. Thanks for the nudge Thad.
  12. "You indicated that you noticed that your GPU hasn't kicked in. That is a clue to your problems." You have a 1070. Ive a better graphics card so it obviously the software (Il2) that's not agreeing with the laptop. Nope my GPU kicks in with every other game except this one. I have over 25 games that don't have this problem. So my laptop is fine. Its the software appears (Il2) that's not working with the laptop. I'll play with the settings but at this point, its completely unplayable... I wonder if it the DirectX 10 that Il2 suggested I "needed" to down
  13. I just downloaded the game and played a lil. I was getting 10 FPS; it show's my fps in the top right hand corner... I then, as a test, brought every single setting down to low... I'm now getting 39FPS to have an absolutely awful game to look at. It literally like looking at a game from 1999. What in the heck is going on? I play everything for Cyber Punk 2077, Steel Division, UBOAT, Micro Soft Flight SIM 2020, Red Dead Redemption 2, Post Scriptum, Kingdom Come Deliverance, etc... all at "ultra" setting or at least "very high". I've never experienced this in a game
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