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  1. I see! Okay, thanks! Not an effect I'm 100% sold on yet but it's cool that's even possible at all! It's just weird sometimes to select Heavy Weather and have almost pristine skies for me. I think I'll get used to it with time though, I don't think I can go back to default.
  2. Just started using this mod; Really really loving it a lot! I dunno if I can go back to the default clouds after this. My only complaint is, the weather gen seems significantly more random, which isn't inherently bad, but sometimes it goes even outside the parameters set, like Heavy Clouds that look like this;
  3. I suppose, I've not toyed with the full mission builder. I use the QMB a lot more so the relatively random results there are what I see most of the time. Best is when it's two layers with heavy clouds, gets real gorgeous then. I ain't alleging that ROF has BETTER clouds, I just think they're a prettier style. I still prefer IL-2's clouds because they're volumetric, which gives a way better feeling of actual, physical presence, so I wouldn't trade 'em out given the chance anyways. Also that Panther model is looking gorgeous, I don't have Tank Crew yet but I'm super excited to see that going along, probably going to pick it up 'round Christmas.
  4. Technically true but I still wish it was more pronounced, like more layers or more significantly vertical layers. Still, these new clouds look delightful, really looking forward to getting them!
  5. This continues to confuse me; DCS and BMS both focus almost entirely [and in the case of the latter, just plain entirely] on modern jet combat, which has seen significant advances not just in plane design but in pilot psychology and physiology. G-Suits today are leagues above what your neighborhood USAAF pilot was wearing back in 1944. Seat designs play into it, food quality plays into it, even simple state of mind plays into it. The pilot effects modeled now are based off of a number of scientific studies on the matter, and seem to have had many a consideration on the finer details during their implementation. It feels just right to me; Far more like being a pilot rather than being a simple camera in a cockpit. It ain't combat if there ain't no inconveniences.
  6. And that's exactly how I'd describe it in the old spotting system, and I thought it was all dandy with the patch. Now that the hotfix is out, however, it's back to the binocular game. It's not like it was THAT absurdly easy to spot before even; Planes that weren't glaring and were against clouds or the ground could be very difficult or impossible to see back on the patch, even with the mid-range scaling being a little off. Now, it's like there wasn't any patch at all, when it comes to spotting at least. I desperately hope they change it back, it was one of the things making the new stuff stick for me.
  7. I too am getting quite a substantial amount of stuttering on the new map. My CPU is old and beaten but it's way worse than even before now. However, I've only flown on the Rhineland map as of the new patch, so I dunno if it's specific to that map or not. CPU responsiveness chart looks like the damn stock market when I take a peek at it after some stutters.
  8. It does, I've observed a D9 and a P-51 both tank into the ground due to blacking out from g-forces at bad times.
  9. I see you got a reply in the Steam forums, but for the folks looking here anyways; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37903-new-content-added-to-steam-as-of-july-13-2018/
  10. As someone who's not really had the chance to play these tanks in other offerings [the grind in War Thunder was far too immense for the time I have to spare], I'd most definitely like to participate in the draw. Really though, it's incredibly sweet that you're putting this offer out. Not the first from you, but the first that I'm going to have a crack at, haha
  11. Hey, sorry for the strange title, but considering the small thing to suggest here I didn't really know how else to word it. Essentially, the Mk.IXe's prop has four blades, but once they start spinning the effect seems visualizes a spinning three bladed prop. I'm relatively confident in that, because four-bladed props usually have a thicker black on each spinning blade, and of course if one looks really hard I can't personally count more than three. This is only a visual thing of course, and a very small one, but I think it would make for a nice touch if it were to have that effect tweaked to visualize four blades. It's of course ludicrously small, however I just wanted to get this out there just in the case that anyone felt the same way. This has no negative impact on the plane for me, it's just a little touch I'd like to see some time. Unless perhaps it is a four-bladed effect and it's just done in a way that I can't read right, hah.
  12. What? Why do people think the 108 is underpowered? I've been flying in the G6 against both the Vb and the IXe and I've been taking wings [partially, or more frequently, entirely] off with a single hit. https://streamable.com/gjumn
  13. I would disagree. There is nothing I would support or encourage regarding the Cliffs situation. There is no single developer I would point towards Cliffs with the intention of helping them become better. The dev team, by all accounts, dropped the damn ball on it. Team Fusion however, put a good bit of effort into making it well, and I do encourage modding teams to follow their efforts similarly. However, just because EFFORT was put in, does not mean that the game is therefor QUALITY. The game is still, in my opinion, far and away the worst of the entire series. The terrible Quick Mission Builder, the missing Full Mission Builder [AFAIK], the abhorrent AI, and just overall lack of single player options. 1946 had an absolute ton of them, BoX has more than ever before after 3.001, but Cliffs is absolute garbage in the department. "Oh but just play Multiplayer." Some of us are not keen on playing with deadstick morons and wannabe-Hartmanns after a long day of work, sometimes we enjoy flying solo against the finely tuned machines. For players like us, Blitz offers even LESS than the original release, what with the total absence of the Dynamic Campaign. Not to mention, if people are dusting off old complaints, it's still quite likely that, maybe, they're STILL there. Cliffs may be a better game because of Team Fusion, but having access to the source code doesn't change the fact that the game has bad bones. My apologies for the relatively off-topic post but I wanted to address the idea that we should SUPPORT releases like Cliffs of Dover, Blitz or not.
  14. Also, that unlimited ammo cheat skill DOES work, you just have to reload and recharge the weapon after emptying it.
  15. You can't. Steam stopped doing this [ATM] as far as I know. You're stuck with the website version, unless you feel like coughing up another 55/100 dollars.
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