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  1. As a big 109 fan, the incorrect landing gear angle has stuck out like a sore thumb to me since the first days of this sim. That, and a few other 3d model errors really highlight the difference in detail between the 109 (and some of the other early planes) in this sim and the more recent aircraft to be added (which are outstanding). I hope the Devs can find some time before the next project to bring the early aircraft up to the latest standards.
  2. This is one of my favorite campaigns, thanks for keeping it up to date!
  3. Pimax haven't released their own branded base stations yet. (They are saying sometime this summer) Vive base stations work the same. You can get them new or used on Amazon, ebay, etc.
  4. I used a roll of coins and some tape -crude but effective. And some velcro to attach it. At first, I had it attached to the upper strap on the rear of the headstrap but it was rubbing against my high backed chair. Attached it to the upper strap and now all is good. I strongly recommend using a thicker face pad. Plenty of cheap ones on ebay- the ones made for the Vive seem to fit well enough. Another alternative is using 2 or 3 strips of velcro between the HMD and the face pad to increase the distance from your eyes.
  5. 1.) For me, coming from a CV1 Rift, the SDE is definitely an improvement but not a massive one; the FOV however is a pretty massive improvement over the Rift. 2.) If it's not your first VR headset, you shouldn't have too much trouble with set up. Base stations aren't available from Pimax yet, so without those it's 3dof only. 3.) I have an overclocked 1080ti and performance is acceptable. With anything less than a 1080ti, it might not be worth it. 4.) The stock headstrap is subpar, and was not comfortable for long periods until I put a small counterweight on the back of the headstrap. Now I can use it for hours. Also, the stock face foam is much too thin for most people (some people's eyelashes touch the lenses) and causes distortion so a thicker one is absolutely essential IMO. 5.) I'm using my wife's iPhone earbuds which work great for me. 6.) The only one of those other headsets that sounds tempting to me is the Reverb because of the (possibly) big improvement in resolution. Other than that the huge FOV of the Pimax wins out... in flight sims the increase in situational awareness from the better peripheral vision can't be underestimated. IMO it needs some tweaking to reach it's full potential, but to me it's worth it. I just can't go back to looking through binoculars.
  6. I would consider a thicker face pad such as this https://www.amazon.com/KIWI-design-Cover-Cushion-Replacement/dp/B06XTBZBFN/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_8_sspa?keywords=kiwi+cover+for+vive&qid=1558459752&s=gateway&sr=8-8-fkmrnull-spons&psc=1 to be essential for the Pimax 5k+. The stock face foam is just too thin for most people. That, and a GTX1080 or better.
  7. That is some fantastic work Kloetesatch, Just gorgeous . I hope you can find the time someday to learn FMOD so we can have those beautiful sounds in IL2GB.
  8. Thanks so much for these...been waiting for this possibility for a long time. But is there no love for the Ju87?
  9. 1) Actually, his sound mod was already completed without using the .gtp files. It seems that he wanted to use those files to make other mods. 2) Then disable it for MP. 90% of the player base play SP only and the vast majority of them enjoyed it in '46 3) That's all I'm going to say on the matter since it's not my mod. Just thought it would add to the experience and since Jason was complaining about there not being enough people willing to contribute, I threw the idea out there.
  10. I found this post from him in Jan. Maybe you can send him the unencrypted .gtp files? Just an idea His work for IL21946 was brilliant.
  11. Are there still plans to allow sound mods? I know Tiger33 already completed a sound mod for IL2BOX. IIRC he was just waiting for permission from the Dev's to post it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkNCeaqGTNU
  12. Understandable and perfectly acceptable delay. Hope that mods on mode and improved AI make it into the release or sometime in the new year. Happy Holidays to the team.
  13. Question for the 109 experts: What is the correct angle of the landing gear on the G6? All of the 109's we have in game have an almost 90 degree angle relative to the wings (from a side view). In photographs of the R/L aircraft I have seen this always on the 109E and maybe some 109F's but never on the 109G's. The later 109's have a more swept forward angle. At what point in the evolution of the 109 did this change?
  14. Any chance we will get mods on mode before the end of the year? This should keep many ETO fans happy after the move to the PTO.
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