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  1. I asked TacView Support about IL-2, their answer just came in, they are saying: "When Tacview is used with IL-2, IL-2 is recording the flight, so it is not possible for us to implement a playback delay. We [from TacView] have reached out to IL-2 about this but they are comfortable with the status quo. When Tacview is used with DCS, Tacview is recording the flight, which gives us much more control over the whole setup." I dunno how many users should support this request here somehow to make it happen. Obviously nobody wants to see cheaters, and with some willingn
  2. On DCS you can set on the server, with how much delay one will be able to replay any TacView track. But it would need some programming for IL-2 GB, someone told me, so I should point my questions to the programmers. I guess I will ask TacView support first if it can be implemented at all for IL-2 GB.
  3. Hi Gents, I dunno whom to ask, but in the last 1 hour I had 4 disconnect out of four missions (after around 5-10 minutes of flight). I never had such thing in other server. Could someone check if the problem is on my side, or on server side please? Thanks for feedback
  4. Hello Gents, sorry if lame question, but if I turn on GUI with "H", this number "5" and this green column appears for Ju-52. What is it? Sorry, aileron trimm was a mix up from my side. No aileron trim, right? Thanks for inputs !
  5. Very cool stuff ! Any version that contains the supercharger settings with altitudes too?
  6. Hello Untamo, any chance to implement TacView playback delay (as DCS does), to enable TrackView recording after all? I don't think I'm the only one here, who would like to learn from mistakes reviewinig the MP flight recorded, and being able to display telemetry datas for all involved to see and analize. Very useful tool for learning, debriefing, you name it. With the playback delay, there is not even a chance for cheating. Thank you for feedback !
  7. Hi Gents, bit old topic, but did anyone manage TSNotifier to work in VR? Thanks
  8. I always turn it off. Is there a HUD in the bombing staton too? I always look at the top left for inputs.
  9. OK but if it can be off in a simulator, shouldn't there be a proper bombing calculation method for the bomber guy to consider them too, and have accurate hits?
  10. That's exactly what I do, but it still drifts no matter what. Reason why I'm asking is, back in the Microprose Mighty 8th once you've set everything right, the crosshair of the Norden will stay dead on, no matter how far out you turn on auto tracking. But if the (german) crosshair drifts, like it always does in the IL-2 and you need to constantly set it back again and again to the point you want to bomb, how could it land dead on? Dead on to which point? I know it obviously doesn't track the ground "picture", but it should be stationary over the point you pick in the distance, i
  11. Anyone knows why the german level bomb sight is drifting off target both vertically and horizontally in Auto track even if all set properly? Thanks
  12. Hello Gents, sorry if I miss the information being somewhere else, this topic came up first in Search about level bombing. Can anybody tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or is the german level bombing sight a bit bugged? My problem is even if I double and triple check that every setting required is set properly, including altitude (based on QNH and not "nearest friendly base QFE", right), speed, relative wind direction based on the HSI at top left and wind speed in m/s, when I switch to Auto, the tracking speed and direction is off, meaning the crosshair is constantl
  13. Thank you, do you know about the anti-cheat playback delay, that can be set on the server side somehow (in DCS at least)? You can't instantly replay or review the last 10 (or set value) minutes of any MP Tacview recording to avoid any real time God's eye views... DCS anti cheat delay
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