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  1. Please. Disclaimer: It is not a complaint. I just want to know whether it makes sense to look for some other landmarks.
  2. Well done guys, very well. Two questions (possibly for Jason or BlackSix): 1) Are there (planned) any unique landmarks except for bridges and some other constructions in towns, meaning castles, watchtowers, monasteries etc.? 2) Is there anything major that will remain to be introduced after 4.001 is being released? Thanks for the answer in advance.
  3. No Czechoslovak squadron was affected by Operation Bodenplatte. It doesn´t mean I wouldn´t love to have an emblem of any of them on my plane though. But it wouldn´t make any sense in this sequal.
  4. Only those who preordered are eligible.
  5. The last one rather looks like an Icelandic banner 🙂
  6. No pls, that is so soon. I haven't gone thru the Kingdom Come Deliverance yet :-)
  7. Correct the spelling of the Czech pilot's name please. It would be a pitty if it appears misspelled when the La 5FN is released finally. Thx.
  8. Thanks Jarza. It seems like a nice mixture of Bf 109 and Macchi 202 to me. It's a pity it didn't get chance.
  9. VL Pyörremyrsky Thx a lot. I have never heard about it (no wonder regarding the info from wiki :-) But it looks fine. Elegant.
  10. Excuse my ignorance but what is the crate on the last snap? Looks a bit like one of those Italian planes but I can't figure out which one.
  11. Sounds it will be sometime :-) Very well. Thx for the respons
  12. Can one obtain promotion and/or awards as the campaign progresses? Thx for an answer in advance.
  13. It's funny we have public holiday here too. Not celebrating the American Independence though but the arrival of two Greek brothers - Saints Cyril and Methodus from Thessaloniki who later invented and adopted the first Slavonic alphabet and introduced Christianity here in Bohemia A.D.863 Happy birthday, Americans. Thx for the pics, Jason
  14. Does any TS overlay work in BoX? I searched this forum but didn not find any mention on this topic.
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