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  1. Thx Sevenless. I've found it out already.
  2. http://www.gaetanmarie.com/p-51dk-mustang-canopy-variations/
  3. Just a small remark: Prague was never a target for allied heavy bombers. The city was hit once only. By mistake. It would be more apt to mention Pilsen or Brno ; )
  4. It looks fantastic, B 17 II was my favourite sim. I spent tons of hours with it. But there is a sentence from an inteview with developer lately published that sounds a bit alarming to me: "We won't have a cockpit with over 500 switches where it takes you ten minutes just to get off the tarmac," he says. "We want to get people quickly into the game, be part of it, and be entertained." https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-05-06-the-resurrection-of-microprose-and-return-of-wild-bill-stealey I hope at least some switches will work : (
  5. You can find Glenn Eagleston crate's skin here. Courtesy to attackerraptor. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/41118-raps-p-47-thunderbolts-help-yourselves/page/2/
  6. BTW don't you know if anyone has done a skin of major Glenn Eagleston's famous winged skull P-47? We have winged skull P-47 with code letters FT-O but his crate bare FT-L and a picture of bald eagle. I doubt it has been neglected by skinners up to now.
  7. What a nice couple ; )
  8. Thanks a lot Skywarp. It looks absolutaly stunning. I can't wait to test it (unfortunately I won't be anywhere close to my "flying" PC untill Sunday).
  9. Thx a lot for you kind offer. Unfortunately I have never come across this particular camo (it might even be some kind of mixture of different planes, Revell was not that stricked about authenticity in the seventies : ) There are some similar ones, the emblem is on #72 ( a crow throwing bomb) The plane belonged to 527th Fighter Squadron, 86th Fighter group.
  10. This was my first 1:32 scale kit some 45 years ago. I would love to have this skin in BoX but don't know how to do it (and if the camo is known at all). Anyone? Pls.
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