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  1. Could anyone skillful make this for the newest ally planes Hurricane Mk.II a Spitfire Mk. XIV please?
  2. The cities and marschalling yards look simply awesome. I would not mind to have a skin of one of the three Czechoslovak RAF fighter squadrons on the poster but one can't have everything ; )
  3. Right now! No excuse! Or... ; )
  4. So do I. Exactly. It may matter whether one runs Il2 via Steam or directly from PC, doesn't it?
  5. Happy birthday, old chap (being sixty I hope I can dare ; ) I understand we will not get B-25 soon since there si no-one who can make it. But what about B-26? It would make me fully satisfied ; ))
  6. Not quite so in Czech. It refers to the fact that some people are greedy and want to get as much as they can grab.
  7. Excellent. It is just one step from being able to add kill marks on one's plane ; )
  8. Decals are great. How about kills? ; ) There is a saying in Czech (maybe similar in English as well): Offer someone a finger and he will take the whole hand : )
  9. Nice skins. But wasn't Mickey Mouse Adolf Galland's personal emblem? Since you mention Hermann Buchner's book, Galland had never flown at the East Front.
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