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  1. Speaking of: 20-something years ago, I had a (pre-USB!) joystick with a funky/roll pitch axis that I was simming with. I learned to compensate for it by pulling right of center. When I had a chance to fly in an AT-6 the pilot pointed out that I was pulling right on the stick as we went through aerobatics.... it was that damned joystick!!!. I disagree about getting old. My ego is still there, but greatly diminished, so my brain can see a bit more clearly. I'm old and just want to have fun. Nothing to prove to myself anymore. The flight models here seem very "rich" compared to those
  2. Does the P-51 always have G-suit abilities built in? Pulling G's seems to be a variable. I'd set up two K4 or D9 vs four P-51's, and when pressing an attack after stacking the deck with some vertical separation, I was surprised to see over 5 G's on the G meter in the UI (I'm a yank -- my brain can't comprehend km/h! ) as the P-51's tried to force an overshoot. I'm still flying earlier career planes, and pulling 4 G's seems like it writes a pretty big check from the physiology bank. the K4, D9, and P-51 are just monster planes. It was handy having an AI wingman. For one go of two K9
  3. JABO missions in career mode are kinda frustrating. You drop your bombs, fire rockets, blow some things up, but the mission objective isn't completed for what seems to be a lengthy preset time. In the end, that means you do the mission, and might even take down a couple interceptors before you have to hit the deck and scram, but you get a "fail" when you return to base. Problems seem to be that the AI planes may not engage the ground targets after dropping ordinance. In pre-Kuban campaigns, the planes just don't have the firepower (or enough ammo) to successfully destroy targets th
  4. Problem with the 109's is that they're more sluggish at speed, and it takes more self-control to NOT stay on the tail of a single enemy. That means they'll be less good at snap shots, yet they'll be more "enticing" to saddle up on a single bandit.... at which point you'll sacrifice your SA and speed. Not great for a one-on-many situation. With the Dora (and all 190's), I've found that I always "keep moving" and stay fast. The Dora that we have here seems like one of the most fun flight models I've ever played. It handles so well at speed. -Ryan
  5. Wow. That is reeeally lame. That kind of stuff turned me off from multiplayer games 15 years ago. I'm glad I found IL-2 back then. Just like when I first found IL-2, the most recent iteration has been a real joy. -Ryan
  6. Well played sir!! -Ryan
  7. Ever since I caught a *tire* with a Yak-1's prop while pressing an attack on a 109, I've gotten to be very mindful of the "live" debris. However, something funny happened in one of the last missions in a Stalingrad career. Once again, I had a 109 on the ropes. The mighty ShVAK is doing its understated business. Pilot jettisons the canopy and there's no dodging it. Damage assessment time! Prop is still going, engine makes the right sounds, waggle the wings, ten fingers, ten toes. The *only* thing missing from my Yak-1 is.... the canopy! Please tell me this is just a coincidence. Unc
  8. Just watched a rocket fly off an IL-2 after I hit it with a 109's 20mm in a Kuban career. Scary! I switched back to my German career after finishing my VVS Stalingrad career. I did a couple A-20 missions with that career, and watched an attacking 109 knock an external bomb of a wingman;s A-20 wing. Pretty neat. Pretty frightening. -Ryan
  9. I wish there was a "volume mixer" in the sound settings to permanently set the radio volume. I always hit the radio volume down to 50% at the start of each mission. It's nice to have radio chatter, but I don't speak the language.... and it is a little excited. -Ryan
  10. Were there AI tweaks in the most recent update? It would not be surprising if I missed that in the release notes. -Ryan
  11. Indeed: I'm finding that ground attack missions just aren't super fun unless you're in a dedicated ground attack plane that picks up a fighter escort along the way. The friendly AI is a little frustrating to manage. The other fly in the ointment is that the "Mission Objective" doesn't seem to get completed when you drop/fire your non-gun ordinance on the target. For example, if you release bombs on your target from a level bomber at altitude, your mission gets completed before the bombs even hit the ground, and you get the RTB message. Conversely, with a fighter, the mission seems
  12. Thanks for the impressions! The P39 has a reputation for being a real dog, but it does feels more lively here in a Quick Mission than it has in previous sims I've flown it in. It definitely gets more peppy with the .30's removed, which is how I read the VVS liked to fly them. When I make it to a Kuban campaign, I'm sure my initial impressions will probably echo yours. The 109G's tend to reshape opinions pretty quick. Thanks again! -Ryan
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the JABO-only A-5. Sort of a bummer, but I love learning about the Eastern Front history more. My mind is really blown by how much detail went into IL-2 beyond simply getting the airplanes right. Thanks! -Ryan
  14. Totally agree. I really noticed and appreciated this. The other thing that's been exciting to check out, is that there isn't a generic A-8 as in the past. There's a variety of flavors. I'm really excited about that for the battle of Kuban. I still have a Stalingrad career to finish up. -Ryan
  15. I know what you mean. I did a Stalingrad campaign for the Luftwaffe, and would break off once a bunch of rounds landed with the 109, they'd find a way home. Though with the 190A-3, a good burst at least means they're out of the fight. I'm following up with VVS campaign with Yak's and La-5's. Instead of surprise non-kills, you get a lot of surprise kills after you have to break off of what appears to be a diving 109.... but they spiral in. I feel like I see a lot more engine fires with the ShVAK. I've yet to get to a Kuban or Bodenplatte career. I'm really curious to try
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