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  1. I am overjoyed to inform you that it is fixed!!! WOO. So it is either the USB driver got reset when i swapped usb ports several times OR selecting "let windows decide" for the headset refresh rate.... I had tried all other WMR settings except the refresh rate (didn't realize it had a windows decide) which lead me to posting here. Thank you Steve for your suggestions which lead me to rechecking the WMR settings.
  2. Steve, Big thanks for the reply and new ideas. 1. No knocks or drops for certain 2. Feels pretty secure. Equally so to the right eye. 3. I do not wear any lenses 4. Goo idea here - I tried a different port on the same GPU, all three ports actually. When I did this I tried firing up the old pc with the 1070 and had no issue. I think tomorrow, I am going to try to stick the 3080 into the old PC and see where that gets me... might rule in or out the GPU itself. It frightens me to think the issue is the 3080......
  3. Hi All, Today I updated my Nvidia drivers (not sure this was the cause) and found that when i booted up IL2, the left eye in my reverb G2 has is seeing things from a different position than the right eye (right eye seems to be seeing things correctly.) Ive done a few hours of scouring the internet and cannot find anyone with a fix (found someone with a similar issue, no fix). Has anyone encountered this, let alone fixed it? The issue: Forgive me as i try to explain this... The right eye screen is acting normal. When i turn my head it acts as expected and everything look
  4. This worked perfectly for me, the offset is fixed. Thank you.
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