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  1. ALL THE SAME, everybody knows JG27s are votekick abusing squad, good for nothing else than perma ban. (!)@JG27_PapaFly.!.
  2. @RIPSkyKingTasmanaut The voteban abuse is long time out of control on this server, you can contact admin @-DED-Rapidus and ask him for help like we did, sadlly he will just find something to explain you why is it totally legit and fair. I didnt get more than "ban for strong language" like answer last time. Wish you more luck )
  3. what a honor to be only one person using strong language
  4. @OrLoK you can see the fucntionality of it, if you dont live in tank and get knowledge of 99% perecents of those crying 40y.o. mens here are just sallty bcs beeing bad. DEVS IGNORE ME, as bunch of sheeps was accusing me and my friends from every evil in game. I didnt bought the game to do the job of its developers, im here to make people see whats is cheats in this game, and stop liars like those JG27 from ruinning game to other players... Im here because practics like this shouldnt be normal
  5. Hope is you can put 1+1 togheter and get some knowledge about what you were writting here. Hahahaha there comes the abusing squad in all its mighty i see you got really no shame 😄 @JG69_Kornezov if YOU cant do that, it doesnt mean its not possible, it just means youre bunch of cucks, not able to take L https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/428205/?tour=20 @Krupinskii (sorry for mention you sensei) http://72ag-ded.su:8080/en/sortie/378189/?tour=8
  6. Protection against tacview is on side of the tacwiev app, so they basicaly did more than game devs, for fight with them
  7. Im telling you guys about beeing paranoic isnt really reason to bann other players, since im flying i remember herrmurf on server, sice all the time i saw there TWO players using speedhack including player 32108 ( about which i was reporting multiple times for years), none of those trash wasnt banned. Againts players like ruthless_killer / mid*16 / even me, THOSE guys was accusing us for no reason, kicking us as soon we joined server, and lying to the administration, building stories about "aimbots" radars on server with icons and other nonsense bullshit, for which people lost their acco
  8. I feel like this is alredy -1 parasite, sad to see someone who was abusing votekick system against better players complaining about somehthing, you guys ( cooperating with Jg27s ) started that "case" to be honest, i respect you like player but, feels like youre getting own medicine. Can somebody of you tell me how shouldve been that "aimbot" worikng in this kind of game ?
  9. after few hours of panic and deleting all updates from yesterday i ve SOLVED it. Thanks a lot guys ❤️
  10. 4driano, HOW?:D i was looking for it and for me it says i cant roll it back since the last upd was more than 10days ago ( which is lie) but thanks i will try to do some magic about the .NET Framework update. glad u r back in the air
  11. thanks for fast response, im using nod32 but i will try to turn everyting off as u said and message back, now im downloading the game ( prox T 1,5h) will be in touch.
  12. for me even the game reinstal wasnt a way... so i guess just wait and pray is the only thing we can do... actually i ve forgot to reinstal my directx but i ll check it now.
  13. hello my game keeps crashing after my last win 10 update, sadlly i cant roll the update back ( yesterday it was running fine) my game keeps crashing while beeing in first loading screen, i was trying to turn of nvidia and steam overlays and start game using "il2.exe" - didnt worked i ve reinstaled my GPU drivers and and the nvidia experience + whole steam clinet - didnt worked Can u help me somehow please, i just dont know where could be the problem anymore Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.356] (c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. Vše
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