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  1. no. Here is a video to show you guys. at first it works than just stops completely!!!! (17) Rpm bug - YouTube
  2. @Ghost666 yes @Oliver88no tech chat isnt disabled because I can see the other things I tried posting a video here of what is happening however it doesnt let me.
  3. I have an issue with the rpm and twin engined bombers. It works fine with the stuka. I can see the lever being pushed to the front and back. But nothing comes displayed in the data list on the right about what is Happening. i have reinstalled the Game, set the keybindings to default, set them again. Nothing works! Pls help out
  4. Hello, nice to find this topic. I was one of the founding members with StG77_Matti a long time ago. Had to stop because of work. Somehow it broke up. Now I do have time again and am also trying to find the old members again. I have found some that are still active. These used to be mainly the active members: StG77_ Eurynomos(me) Matti anoak mk108 mrkus ppwill katana Ober or Uber ( the only american :) ) Ripgrunwald Regards you were the last guy to have joined
  5. @KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82 thank you for bringing up this poll, an expansionspack would be good but to be honest even a collector plane is fine, as long as it comes out! Best regards 🤙🏻
  6. A Ju87d5 is a must. The expansion packs are getting more and more in the later war years, the weapons are getting stronger and so are the defenses of the bomber planes. the d5 is a Must for the Stuka variants. It was used widely in the later years of the war and it is much needed especially because of the stuvi sight, 20mm cannons and improved armour. Im sure at some point the expansion will grow on the eastern front for a late war version. It has to come out! Or as a collector plane. There are already two Il2 versions in the game also. The Stuka d5 is the end level of th
  7. I definitely agree, I used to love using it on the Il2 1946
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