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  1. There is something wrong with the ground handling on the Stalingrad map. Just because some of us have learnt to deal with it, it doesn't mean it is correctly done.
  2. Regardless wether we live in our moms basement or if we fly 109's for a living we can agree on one thing: planes behave differently on the Stalingrad map compared to on the Moscow map. The devs have said that the Moscow map was made using improved tech and that they hope to be able to bring the Stalingrad map up to the same standard. In my book that means there is room for improvement regarding the Stalingrad map which probably includes ground handling. Personally I can't understand why every bleeping thread on FM's, performance and similar always boils down to a piddling contest in every bleeping flight sim forum I've visited over the years. FACT: We play games. We are all nerds. None of us are WWII aces. So why can't we accept other peoples opinions regarding this nerdery we all enjoy? I mean winning a forum argument is like sitting at the "cool people table" in the cafeteria at a mental institution. At the end of the day we are all retards.
  3. Forget realism and taxi the 110 like a Russian plane: be gentle on the throttle, hold the brakes (both) and tap the rudder and it will turn the way you want. Taxiing according to real world flight manuals from the time is a recipe for disaster..
  4. Seriously... I think I'm done with the campaign alltogether. Just did a intercept mission in a 109 F. Shot down the bombers and damaged a fighter. Unfortunatly I was hit by a few rounds from a Pe-2 rear gunner in the process and the fuel tank started to leak. Managed to get back to the homebase and just before I touched down the engine died. Ka-boom and a message popped up: "1./ZG1_ElHadji was destroyed by Pe-2 turret". Really? I did a wheels down landing ffs! What is the point in bringing damaged planes back to base? I get the same reward for bailing out. This together with all other weird gameplay mechanics totally breaks immersion. If anything a successful emergency landing on the home base should render MORE XP and not less (if we insist on having XP to begin with...).
  5. Which is kind of why I phrased the question. We know that ground handling is different on the Stalingrad map compared to the Moscow map. We know that the Moscow map was made using improved methods and with lessons learned from making the Stalingrad map. To me that kind of proves my (and others) point here. Ground handling on the Stalingrad map isn't as good or even as realistic as it should be. I hope that time permits a fix pretty soon.
  6. I think you are wrong here Emil. All the people I fly with pursue realism to a certain degree and when most of them share my opinion that something is wrong with the ground handling on the Stalingrad map I think it is safe to say that there is somethíng going on here. It is not about not wanting to taxi or not wanting a challenge. It is about not wanting to get stuck on runways or a few decimeters outside of the taxiway. Or having 7t aircraft bouncing like rubber balls. It is about wanting realism to the degree that original flight manuals can be used for taxiing instead of using gameplay techniques implemented to cater the needs of armchair pilots not using rudder pedals with toe brakes. The group of people I normally fly with (like Goblin who shares my opinion on the Stalingrad ground handling) are not exactly flight sim n00bs. We have thousands of hours in DCS and every flight sim since Falcon 3.0. Sure, we are not pilots IRL but we know enough about physics to realise that something is odd here. We know that it takes a massive force to make 5-6000 kilograms bounce up in the air. We know how friction and inertia affect tires. I am convinced that 1C/777 did something to the ground handling on the Stalingrad to prevent people from taking off in all directions in multiplayer. That has a positive effect, no doubt. But it also made ground handling on the Stalingrad less realistic than it should be. And again, how come that ground handling is different between the Moscow and the Stalingrad map?
  7. If memory serves me right I had about 30ms ping to the InWar server. I get about 40ms ping when I fly on the JG26 server which is using the Moscow map. So in theory the bouncing effect should be worse on the JG26 server but in reality it is the opposite. For the record I am using a 100/100Mbps fibre LAN connection without routers etc involved. What I find strange is that I fly with 1./ZG1_Goblin (the first plane behind me in the video) and 1./ZG1_Kilrah (2nd plane behind me) all the time and the oddities ONLY happen on the Stalingrad map.
  8. I guess that makes sense to some degree. Will I see less bouncing if I decrease my DL from 10 to 4? The funny thing is that when I play with the same people on the Moscow map I never see any bouncing like that.
  9. The bouncing is pretty serious even when taxiing. Look at the planes behind me in this video. We are talking about an aircraft weighing around 5.1 tons here (empty - the planes in the video have a full tank, ammo and bomb load) leaving the ground with all three wheels while taxiing. Video captured during a InWar mission on the Stalingrad map a few weeks ago. Here is me trying to takeoff in a Bf 109, also on the Stalingrad map. Full torque, no brakes and the plane wouldn't move.: Something IS wrong with ground handling on the Stalingrad map. At least in relation to certain aircraft.
  10. I have a new pet peeve when it comes to campaign missions: stopping trains. What is the purpose of the attacks? Is it to stop the locomotive from reaching the next station or is it to destroy the cargo being dragged by the locomotive? I just wiped out an entire train set except for the locomotive. Of course that results in a mission failure. And how come every train has a fighter escort? There are some really strange things when it comes to mission design...
  11. Which you should be able to do ManOWar. I just read a book based on interviews with German WWII aces written by Swedish historian Lt Col Jan Forsberg (he also conducted the interviews). In one chapter Hans-Ulrich Rudel describes scrambles with 109's and 87's taking off in all directions straight from the parking area. So it should definatly be doable. About the book: It is called "Luftwaffes Elit" (The Elite of the Luftwaffe) and it is written by Jan Forsberg who is a teacher at the military academy in Stockholm. The book is based on interviews he made with Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Heinz Knoke, Hajo Herrmann and Tom Thomas. Forsberg met Rudel the first time in 1980, Knoke in 1984, Thomas in 2007 and Herrmann in 2008 and he became friends with several of them which resulted in more than one interview. Very interesting read but I don't think that book has been translated to any other language. But it is not how taxiing in German planes with differential brakes should be done... As Stuka mentions above, it is a simplification for gameplay reasons. That makes me wonder what else has been added to Il-2 for gameplay reasons which isn't realistic.
  12. I am one of those who think ground handling is wrong. And I have a few questions to those that claim it is realistic: Why is ground handling different on the Stalingrad map (worse) compared to the Moscow map? If Stalingrad ground handling is realistic then the Moscow ground handling is wrong or vice versa. Which is it? Why can I taxi a Bf 110 exactly like a Russian plane without using differential brakes or L/R throttle? I have mapped the brake to my HOTAS and use rudder input to turn. Shouldn't work like that... (Method works with the Ju88 and 109 as well). I understand that ground handling was "tweaked" on the Stalingrad map to prevent muppets from taking off without taxiing to the runway. Question is wether it is realistic or not. I know what I think.
  13. Taxiing is my pet peeve in Il-2 BoS/BoM. Especially on the Stalingrad map where ground handling is extremely weird. I have found out that taxiing my Bf 110 as if it was a Russian plane makes it much easier (but I don't even know why it works). Applying wheelbrakes (NOT differential brakes) and rudder makes it turn smoothly. On the Moscow map I can taxi like it should be done though.
  14. Why? Having WWII veterans trying the planes isn't that far fetched to be honest. Erich Brunotte was used as a "consultant" for the DCS Fw 190 D-9 and provided input on the 109 K-4 as well so it would actually make sense to do the same with the Il-2 planes. At least it would end the never ending FM debates.
  15. Nope. I ordered them to formation, to follow my orders and to attack ground targets but they were too busy engaging fighters to listen to their Schwarmführer. I guess they forgot what the mission objectives were... The funny thing was that the enemy fighters weren't even close to the target when they decided to chase after them.
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