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  1. Seriously i ask you CountZero, why can you not alter the creators' work for server persistant stat collecting and have it apply only to one IP address? I know you are intelligent enough to do this. I wish i had that kinda coding prowess. Pls see what you can do...do us all a solid, it would definitely increase online player numbers.
  2. Has anyone produced an app similar to the ones Combatbox, FinnishVirtualPilots.... focused on just you the online player? It should record only your stats, no one elses.
  3. hi Grajo, have you done a mod for the p38-j-25 gunsight? do you know what the reticle_? even is, if so pls tell me.
  4. thnx NightFighter...i did dwnld Grajo's mod for both, reticle_n2a appears, that didn't work but you give me an idea that it may be reticle_l3 or reticle_n3.
  5. pls can someone tell me the designation for the p38 gunsight? like say the reticle_revi_c12, reticle_n2a, ... what is it pls?
  6. is there a way to move the center of gunsights up/down/left/right? pls look at where the fw190d9 localizes its fire, it well above center. i have noticed all german planes have this attitude. yet allied planes do not. any thoughts and help pls?
  7. absolutely agree vbf-12_kw, you are close to me as i am in Vancouver. i have been playing all flight sims since Jane's ww2 fighters circa 1998. flown the mustang in every iteration of any flight sim since. none, produced the behaviour as modelled here. can we somehow ask an actual p51 pilot what is the real behaviour of the flaps. i do not believe that these so called laminar wings, which is just adspeak, make a diff on lift. all wings produce lift, if you extend them you create more lift to the point where drag overtakes lift. no way, that a 1
  8. agreed, but in level flight at 300mph, if you drop the flaps 1 step, which should be combat or takeoff position, why on this plane does the nose dive, whilst on all other planes it lifts? i have tried at similar speeds with different fuel loads from 11% to 100%, same result, in DCS, i do not get this behavior.
  9. I just looked at my DCS P51D flight manual, and it also states in general terms that the plane becomes nose heavy with flaps engaged or landing gear down, also increase in drag lowers the nose and reduction in drag raises the nose. It just seems odd, that this plane is the only exception to the rule. The whole reasoning behind combat flaps, takeoff flaps is to increase lift, why does it have a reverse effect on this one plane? Just curious....can someone give a complex answer pls?
  10. when i actuate flap down from full retract to first step in level flight, why does the nose pitch down abruptly?....the downward trajectory worsens if you go to step 2, 3, etc. all other planes lift their nose which seems reasonable as you are adding lift. devs pls explain.
  11. Look, you have that disabled yet zoom and ai auto level is enabled. Explain that if you want to hide behind the total sim skirt. Why can't you dinosaurs get your head outta the sand and realize what works. It's pathetic the online population is never over 200, in the whole world, why? because of you hardcore people running stupidly strict servers. Am i the only one who knows the proper settings for satisfying online gameplay? Hey Jason Williams, can you instruct your programmers in the trailers beside you to get rid of zoom and auto level fli
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