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  1. @aust3298 Rare enough to be almost ignored, but I'm gradually giving up playing for this issue.
  2. @FlyingH In that case, the problem should appear in F2 outside view as well as in F1 cockpit view, but F8 padlock always works when in outside view. There's something with the cockpit view.
  3. @-DED-Rapidus Sent @vonNutz That's worth investigating
  4. Now: What's in the cockpit view that Mr. Padlock doesn't like? I initially thought my system couldn't handle the cockpit's complexity, misfiring the padlock function. But there's no stutter and the fps counter shows at least a reasonable 40.
  5. No. When in outside view, It works every time In cockpit, almost never. Sometimes I press the F8 key buy nothing happens, and after a minute or so it suddenly locks on an enemy plane.
  6. @-DED-Rapidus But we still do. That does not solve the problem. Thank you anyways.
  7. Thank you. I'm working on the 4K version, I'll be happy to share as soon as it's ready.
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