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  1. I'm on final at about 200mph and 3/4 flaps slowing nicely.(hit G on the key board and motor shuts off..( hit E) and it restarts. I make it down but not after the panic attack. Any clues? This seems to happen ever time, TxDoughboy RAF209 Doughboy Retired (RB3D )
  2. I just DL'd PWCG and all the skin packs.. I'm as giddy as a school girl. Oh and thanks for all the feedback... now may work day is going to drag on, all I can do is watch the clock and pray for quitting time.
  3. I bought the lot, flew a couple quick missions in the 51. I'm hooked....the game is excellent eye candy. The flight physics to a little getting use to, I got off a burst on a 109 in a head on pass with a good strike as we passed, I cut hard on the 109 and stalled into a tail spin ( This is not a Alb DV I thought) recovered at about 500 m got a little separation and started to climb out, glance back and the 109 is roiling over and starting to dive on me. I turned hard to meet him and felt that 51 start to stall again. Ease up on the stick and she turned like a dream. Managed to get another str
  4. Yep I think im just going to go ahead and buy the lot... If no other reason than to support a great developer. Ok, See ya'll in the skies!
  5. I have Fly Circus.. and I love it. I also fly Rise of Flight often. I am exploring purchasing IL2, which of the Great Battle series would be a good first? Thanks in advance Doughboy RAF_209 Doughboy (RB3D Ret)
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