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  1. Well, yes it's yesterdays news. There is however a slow but constant stream of new players to ROF/FC, like myself. So we are exited to go play in this new to us sandbox and we realize that something smells wrong on the side lines. It's like constantly covering up some cat pub to keep the sandbox enjoyable, yet allowing the cats to keep doing their thing. I will not do the clean up on my own, but try to raise a bit awareness first. Hope you'll help. CCC
  2. Hello everyone, hope you had a smooth transition into 2021. Here is a bit more information about how thîs topic came to be. A first drafted Idea about a petition like approach was abandoned because the small groúp of people that helped creating the topic voted for a “less bossy” What if ------------- questionaire style. Although the content in the petition seem to be spot on, it could have offended all those who are in general performing in game, in chats or in forums very decent from the start. That is thankfully a great majority.
  3. Hello to all! One of the things I had to expect, is the "diversity of replies" Good Job so far. Before it will get inevitably "more interesting", I wanted to wish everyone, as happy as possible Hoildays to come. Stay healthy and calm CCC ---------- One more thing towards some "supporters". Thank you! I don't mind being flamed here. Let it happen and / or be careful not to get caught in the crossfire to come. PP CCC
  4. Below is an honest expressed opinion and tribute from a Multiplayer server Operator, I copied the text but also provide the link: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/55596-new-fliers-and-friends-servers/?p=713806 Here is an example of a long time RoF and FC member, that runs by now several servers on RoF and one on FC, he is one of the people who abandoned the forums because of the "foul language" and the "bitching and bickering" issues of the past. (I wish he and others would return) -------------- copied from the link above for you conveni
  5. Well, thank you all so far for a bit response! I'm very happy that the FC2 is now available for preorder, it'll hopefully make some of the "discussions gone bad" especially in FC obsolete. However theer are still some burdens from past times to get rid of, right? I just update the what If's section with the following: What if: - we could convince those who left the forums out of frustration about foul language, to rejoin? - we could re-invite banned people, who are willing to adjust old habits when possible? - we cou
  6. Salute to all you RoF and FC enthusiasts! What if: - we agreed on trying to make all the conversations more enjoyable? - we could overcome the urge to react to any troll attacks? (verbal or in game attacks) - we would consider translation errors before assuming a foreigners intend in his post? - - (Your entries are wanted and will be listed in next posts) - - we had a token or logo in our signature to show our support of this politer piloting endeavour? - we would use "P
  7. Hmm.... as a fairly newbie I thought that section of the announcement was very encouraging to read: "FC2 is the first part of a new two-part plan to create not only FC2 but also FC3 with our partner Ugra Media. Completion of this new plan will make the first three volumes of Flying Circus an exhilarating combat flying experience that we hope will usher in a new era of development for Great War titles and content." It gives actually a "long term" forecast about what to expect for the next few years. IMHO. That sounds not to bad at all to me. CCC
  8. Well, where are the enthusiastic pre order comments? Have you all passed out because of this overwhelming news, send by email: https://il2sturmovik.com/informburo/d6104d8037504d2d9d1ce27b3bec059c/21fca36874deacbad099230d8adfd9db/ Hooray seems to be in order. 😎 CCC
  9. Well, that was nice to watch. Best part is the end though for me, what a happy man he was. Thanks for sharing. CCC
  10. cpt_chaos_canada said: The only "down side" for me is the sad fact that a certain "verbal war readyness" seem to linger in the in game chat and the forum. Thanks for your kind reply! On my "choosen" quest to understand the community in RoF and FC, I certainly noticed the positivity as well.. Like it should be in any international forum. I'm still on my mission. Happy bullet dodging 🛡️ CCC
  11. Nope, not yet. Just started RoF around April on a totally "underspecd" PC, still enough to get hooked. Restarted in October with a better gaming machine and I'm enjoying now all the details plus a very smooth running game/sim. The only "down side" for me is the sad fact that a certain "verbal war readyness" seem to linger in the in game chat and the forum. So, therefore I ventured out through reading older topics in RoF as well as here in FC. Thanks for your reply! May the gforce be with you. CCC😎
  12. Can someone tell me if the FC series will be "stacked". Like, in order to fly all available 20 planes in FC2, one has to own FC1 ? CCC
  13. Hello all, just signed in in this forum. I'm absolutely happy to have found this pre announcement! I was doing some "recon missions" lately, navigating through this forum in order to find some answers about the ROF/FC history and current situations. A gazillion kudos to the dev's for not giving up on this niche of flight sim's! CCC
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