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  1. Wird dieser server als dogfight, als WoL? Oder wollen Sie machen server als "Kriegs project"(z.b als TAW) ?
  2. Martin Hallo! I have I./SG2 squad leader I want tell to you - great thanx from SG2! Wery good job for us.
  3. Pilot from HRAF squadron write to me please private message. Yesterday we fly together on Random Expert. You want fly with us. Need speak about this.
  4. Event begin today in 20-50 moscow time. Link on live stream: We have 12-13 He-111. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB5Acug7TwE
  5. Hallo pilot's! Russian-speak comunity gather event - combat mission "Kampfgeshwader 53 over Moscow". Event will begin 12 oktober 20-45 at Moscow time. Team Speak DED server - - ТS DED Room in TS: SG2 with password 1985 We need He-111 pilot's who want fly in big formation . Now we geather 10-12 He-111 but I want create formation with 18 He-111 - it's will be wery interesting. Server present from DED-Random administrator's. Task for He-111 pilot's fly in formation, drop bomb after leader command - it's easy for you. For register - google table go to link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LaWL4Bw1ps5Xw4r--M3rCa73UdWo_JO9eySv3Yv9nh4/edit#gid=0 Server will with password, password tell leader in TS before event begin. Spetial for english speaking pilot's i create in google table 8 slot's. Wait you, join to our event. Sorry for my english Also you can look stream from our late event(05/10), Ju-52 transport mission.
  6. Werner from Chesz squad "1st Czech Lions" write me please private message i want speak about together fly on Random Expert.
  7. Maybe better started TAW #2 server? For example on TAW 1 Stalingrad summer map, on TAW 2 Stalingrad autumn/winter map - It's possible?
  8. Hallo! Would you plan add slot's on server until 84 ? Now wery big problem connect to server in evening. I have 6-10 pilot's and all we can't connected.
  9. We have problem with disconnect from server. Yestarday 3 pilot's from my squad and + me kicked from server during the fly. It's only our problem or other players face with this problem too?
  10. SG2 will join for the Luftwaffe side: ------------------- I./SG2_Wolfert I./SG2_Foxmann I./SG2_Smeh 1/SG2_Hummels 1/SG2_GIR 1/SG2_Ganz555 1/SG2_Maler 1/SG2_Ganeshka 1/SG2_Ximik 1/SG2_Zeo Auslender BRZ513
  11. If we join more than 5 Ju-87 on next event ? Or 5 Ju-87 it's limit ?
  12. SG2 and our friends from JG51 and JGr8 in action on 72AG-DED-Expert server. 28.04 SG2 and KG100 6 He-111 2.05.2016
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