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  1. SG2_Wolfert

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    FW-190A-8 for me please
  2. SG2_Wolfert

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Wird dieser server als dogfight, als WoL? Oder wollen Sie machen server als "Kriegs project"(z.b als TAW) ?
  3. Martin Hallo! I have I./SG2 squad leader I want tell to you - great thanx from SG2! Wery good job for us.
  4. SG2_Wolfert

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    Pilot from HRAF squadron write to me please private message. Yesterday we fly together on Random Expert. You want fly with us. Need speak about this.
  5. SG2_Wolfert

    Event on He-111 | 12 oktober | 20-45 MSK time begin

    Event begin today in 20-50 moscow time. Link on live stream: We have 12-13 He-111. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB5Acug7TwE
  6. Hallo pilot's! Russian-speak comunity gather event - combat mission "Kampfgeshwader 53 over Moscow". Event will begin 12 oktober 20-45 at Moscow time. Team Speak DED server - - ТS DED Room in TS: SG2 with password 1985 We need He-111 pilot's who want fly in big formation . Now we geather 10-12 He-111 but I want create formation with 18 He-111 - it's will be wery interesting. Server present from DED-Random administrator's. Task for He-111 pilot's fly in formation, drop bomb after leader command - it's easy for you. For register - google table go to link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LaWL4Bw1ps5Xw4r--M3rCa73UdWo_JO9eySv3Yv9nh4/edit#gid=0 Server will with password, password tell leader in TS before event begin. Spetial for english speaking pilot's i create in google table 8 slot's. Wait you, join to our event. Sorry for my english Also you can look stream from our late event(05/10), Ju-52 transport mission.
  7. SG2_Wolfert

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    Werner from Chesz squad "1st Czech Lions" write me please private message i want speak about together fly on Random Expert.
  8. SG2_Wolfert

    Tactical Air War

    Maybe better started TAW #2 server? For example on TAW 1 Stalingrad summer map, on TAW 2 Stalingrad autumn/winter map - It's possible?
  9. SG2_Wolfert

    Tactical Air War

    Hallo! Would you plan add slot's on server until 84 ? Now wery big problem connect to server in evening. I have 6-10 pilot's and all we can't connected.
  10. SG2_Wolfert

    Tactical Air War

    We have problem with disconnect from server. Yestarday 3 pilot's from my squad and + me kicked from server during the fly. It's only our problem or other players face with this problem too?
  11. SG2_Wolfert

    1st Tactical Air War - registration topic

    For the red side: Klever
  12. SG2_Wolfert

    1st Tactical Air War - registration topic

    update my pilot's list. Admins look please.
  13. SG2_Wolfert

    1st Tactical Air War - registration topic

    SG2 will join for the Luftwaffe side: ------------------- I./SG2_Wolfert I./SG2_Foxmann I./SG2_Smeh 1/SG2_Hummels 1/SG2_GIR 1/SG2_Ganz555 1/SG2_Maler 1/SG2_Ganeshka 1/SG2_Ximik 1/SG2_Zeo Auslender BRZ513
  14. SG2_Wolfert

    Saturday Night Bombers Flight

    If we join more than 5 Ju-87 on next event ? Or 5 Ju-87 it's limit ?
  15. SG2_Wolfert

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    SG2 and our friends from JG51 and JGr8 in action on 72AG-DED-Expert server. 28.04 SG2 and KG100 6 He-111 2.05.2016