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  1. what exactly triggers this - I have circled patiently for everyone to clear the runway and then approached correctly but despite flares flying off in every direction from the tower I land taxi and end only to be given a fail for the day..
  2. I use a usb DAC (the good old dragonfly) and bypass anything else - this either gets sent to the main hi fi power amps directly or I can plug the headphones in directly - If I had any criticism over the change it would be the wind noise now has a certain flutter quality to it ( I cant think of better word) and the radio chatter to me now seems louder but not in a good way - at this point Im not sure if I like it or not and as Im so Newb to the game I cant say Im noticing a vast difference.. The wind noise however does stand out.. Im just glad they are still trying to improve
  3. if your native is higher than your game settings then untick full screen in the game as your gfx driver is probably set to centered..
  4. compared to default --- salivating(ly) nice.... I agree its the little snow patch details that bring this alive
  5. excellent video and ... works a treat... Plus the added benefit that now now i can stop flying whilst on the road and simply tinker with all these settings till the end of time - which seems nearer every week
  6. Is there anything I can change just to change to the weather in the files.. Now my fave mission to play when Im having to travel abroad for work and only have the laptop but I hate those low flickering clouds with a passion but I need low or off to keep an fps in the 60 range
  7. Jamie quick ? does your original description infer that you need other maps for this to work?
  8. Wonderful collection and so good to have the history.. Many Thx
  9. OK I seemed to have followed everything and Mods are on but I still cant get them to show.. I only have BoS(not Steam) - JSGME exe, ini and txt are in the IL2 Sturmikov Great Battles as is the MODs folder -- I noticed theres another ini file in the Mods folder is this correct. It says this [MODS] Stalingrad Tex Mod=1 4K Normalmaps=2 4K Default Skin Replacements for BoM-BoS-BoK=3 LaGG3 of 926 IAP=4 the LaGG3 of 926 is working though so this is why Im totally confused - do i need to have the 2k versions installed to make the historical corrections show up.
  10. DOH.. Thats it many thx -- I thought that had something to do with spectators watching in a MP game lol
  11. They are all mapped to the defaults but nothing such as F3 or any F(n) works at all... Weird
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