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  1. Would OC's INI SS setting override OTT SS setting? Or the other way around?
  2. Very odd! I just downloaded again, no virus warning. Tried running the previous file that I downloaded, no virus warning.... wtf!?!?!
  3. Yes, that is the same link that I download the system-wide file from, and Windows Defender indicates that the .EXE file contains a virus. I have tried again and again, without disabling audio on Quest 2, nothing happens after double clicking IL2.EXE, it is the only way to enter the game. But yea, Opencomposite has given be a boost of around 15FPS, very impressed!
  4. Digging up old post... I know... 😞 But my Quest 2 isn't working with per-game installation of Opencomposite I have done the following: 1. replace the openvr_api.dll in the GAME and VIEWER folders with 64-bit version of the Opencomposite DLL file 2. Start Oculus Link from my Quest 2, so it enters into PCVR 'Rift' mode 3. Start Oculus Home on Quest 2 4. Launch IL2 by either IL2.exe or the Launcher (ticking VR in Settings)... but then nothing happens!! What am I doing wrong? I also cannot do the syste
  5. BF5 and Sh!t Thunder?! LOL.... I mean I play both, but they are far from flight sims...
  6. Thanks people for all the sound advice... I now have a BOS Deluxe pack installed on my computer, thanks to the generosity of a forum member! 🙂 Now just waiting for the arrival of my T.16000M HOTAS. Too bad I cheaped out and did not get the pedals in a bundle, it would've only cost me about $80 extra, now I am kicking myself... oh well, will have use my G29's gas and clutch pedals now My setup is as follows, hope I will be able to run it smoothly in VR with all things maxed out: CPU: 3600X RAM: 16GB @ 3400Mhz (OC from 3000Mhz) GPU: 5700 OC to 5700 X
  7. hi all, I used to play IL2 back in the early 2000's when it was IL2 the original and Forgotten Battles (god I feel old!). Now I want to get back into the game and play some multiplayer dogfights, but am confused by the various versions out there. Which version should I buy? If I bought Battle of Stalingrad, would it give me access to other modules in the Great Battle series? Or must I buy all the modules in order to play with others online? Also, where I am located right now I can only have access to European region, are there enough active servers and play
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