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  1. Sadly flight simmers are a finicky demanding bunch. Its our passion for this genre and the reason we invest so much time and energy into it. Sadly that passion comes across as criticalness vs showing the appreciation we have for those giving us such a quality product. So thank you for keeping my favorite sim going and letting me fly and experience many of the planes ive studied in depth.
  2. As the title says, I was looking at gog.com for another title and saw that 1946 is down to $2.49 currently. I sadly just got it again for the $9.99 but it was still worth that.
  3. Well Ive done my part and purchased both. I couldnt quite pull the trigger on tc yet though I wanted to. Maybe next sale. Now to try to make the time to fly it some and get the x52 setup
  4. This is why I have spent money that I dont have per se but want to support this developer. I agree. When I found out about this, read through the forums and saw the level of quality and care this team has for their product and customers, is amazing. Its why i have opted to support them so much even though I play elite dangerous so much. I wanted to encourage their work and have my flight game for when im ready for it.
  5. Ill look into the book ty. While WW1 in unique and was the dawn of combat aviation with fledgling aircraft, WW2 just has more draw to me. There were so many huge leaps then with decently performing aircraft ranging to amazing and superb. The dawn of the jet and rocket age too and the huge leaps forward. You have thought to be antiquated biplanes like the HS123 and Fairy swordfish that played major roles, to the various german jets and rockets. Technology that gets revisited and learned from even today. I'm about 2 hours from the national museum of the US air force. Th
  6. Sadly that's one feature I dislike with the forum and wish we had more. I'm sure I'm near the end of mine too. I've always been a big WW2 era enthusiast, especially the pacific theatre. However I'm seriously considering this and supporting their hard work, even if its an era thats not usually my cup of tea. I'm also going to use it to educate myself more on the era. I loved oleg's work at the start of the IL2 series, the passion, caring he put into it. It wasnt a game for him, but an artform. The reason I support Jason and the current team, is that they have the same me
  7. sadly their FB page doesnt have the article to comment or discuss i went back through september and also searched for it.
  8. If you scroll to the bottom of the article in the about our "experts" section at the bottom is a thumps up and down if you click the down, then other then you can leave a comment on their "expert" which I did with a gusto.
  9. While dcs was good for modern stuff I think it would be hard to beat great battles for ww2 content.
  10. I agree especially when they put world of warplanes in a list of "great flight games" I dislike the arcady war thunder but it trumps warplanes hands down. Not to mention no way for comments on their trash. The only thing they got right was 1946 still being on of the best values. I did pick it up again for the PTO content but supported the developers here with their updated content.
  11. odd as I had no problems with a credit card, or a virtual one. What about paypal? I specifically avoided steam. Did you try contacting them via support as it would seem that would get better help vs posting on a forum. Especially since you can give more details than you would want to put openly in a forum such as location etc.
  12. Outstanding to know. And thank you. I did ask about their 1946 listing and they got back to me asap which was nice.
  13. The water looks amazing. Makes me want to break out the kayak lol. Sadly it makes me long for more. I hope down the line we can get a PTO as im finding my love for this series in a whole new way. The water effects in pacific fighters was amazing, especially when on the deck in a b-25.
  14. Yep it was commonplace. Or various naval planes pushed overboard to make room for all the soldiers to come home. Ive always been fascinated by this era and there is nothing that sounds like a warbird. Even running a 4360 taken off a KC97 in A&P school was pretty cool.
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