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  1. Tried the P-47: Is the temp running away to 300+ a bug? Can't get it under control. It is a very wobbly gun platform.
  2. Is there a list somewhere of what is still WIP on the P-47?
  3. I think what he means is: the game was not intended to be a full VR title (like Alyx for example), VR is an extra in a way and related issues may not be at the top of the to-do list.
  4. I gave it a go with the 100% AP loadout for ground pounding. Was able to destroy panzer IV and panzer 38t. Can be a reasonable option for ground pounding when it comes to vehicles.
  5. I set it at 80% after engine start and leave it there the whole time, haven't seen mixture messages yet.
  6. Man, going for insults lol That says all we need to know about you.
  7. That's very anecdotal. Especially as you don't fly red ever and you probably don't know what it's like to fight with the .50s.
  8. I read they would NOT be revamping the visual representation of damage.
  9. After the first online sortie with the 9T : doesn't seem to turn as well as the 9, but the canon is killer, it took an average of 2 hits to kill 109 or 190.
  10. I have the Yak-9s1, I've used it mainly in MP and it's a very forgiving plane imho: rolls well, turn well, climb is decent and goes decently fast as well. The guns do a lot of damage but you don't have a lot of ammo, so need to be careful with that. It's trim intensive so need to be mindful of that especially if dives are involved. And gotta be careful with black outs (but not to the extent of a spit). Overall, cool stuff. I'll be getting the T version soon and see what this potato launcher is all about.
  11. I've read that they had poor surface finish on the wings and fuselage late war and were not going as fast as they could because of this parasite drag.
  12. Faut se méfier des impressions en jeu, si tu ne voles que bleu essaye rouge aussi. C'est pas des avions miracles non plus si tu tombes sur quelqu'un qui sait ce qu'il fait ça se passera pas bien. Je joue a IL2 depuis le début de la série (2003?) Et mon impression c'est que niveau gestion du moteur il faut faire plus attention dans BoX, tu peux pas voler a fond tout le temps tu paieras l'addition plus vite. Be wary of the impressions at stake, if you only fly blue try red too. It's not miracle planes either, if you come across someone who knows what they're doing, it won't go well. I've been playing IL2 since the start of the series (2003?) And my impression is that in terms of engine management, you have to be more careful in BoX, you can't fly hard all the time, you'll pay the bill faster.
  13. Curious about this as well. Also, will you share the results of the survey with the CB community ?
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