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  1. I finished the Corsair today : Very good kit, my only "regret" if you can call it that is I should have glued the wings to the fuselage before painting. Happy with the results though. And now I go away from the Pacific and to Russia with this guy :
  2. STN, is it a twin boom Fokker? Decided to airbrush Pledge floor care as a gloss coat after wondering about it for a while, did the decals as well (didn't bother with the tiny ones because being black on navy blue you can't really see anything), put a couple more coats of Pledge on after the decals, next step will be building the landing gear probably: (Don't mind the finger print of doom behind the cockpit 😬)
  3. Done painting the Corsair (pending small bits here and there) : Decided to use white tak to get the feathered edge lines and let me tell you it sticks to everything but the model XD it has been a masking nightmare. The other problem was Tamiya doesn't carry the exact colors in acrylic so I channeled my inner chemist and got mixin'. In the end pleased with the result
  4. I've been doing a lot of level bombing this month and it's doable with the current cloud levels (heavy cloud cover makes it difficult for sure but it can be done).
  5. Crazy stuff on that Pfalz! Rigging on 1/144 😮 Corsair is coming along, started painting the underside : Still messing around with black basing, planning on doing a 3 tone paint scheme 😬, wish me luck
  6. Was a fan of Atlantic fleet and Cold Waters, been enjoying War on the Sea very much
  7. This slaps to put it mildly, awesome work!
  8. I got it yesterday, still mostly messing with the tutorials but it's fun for sure : Damaged Yorktown: Hiryu about to take a lot of damage: Devastators coming in :
  9. Just put a few boats on a pond in each map. A very exclusive objective for the chosen one. 😊
  10. Lol true Yes but please change sides with malignant and conspiratorial intent because that's a thing now apparently 😅
  11. If people were to play both red and blue instead of sticking to one side there would be less complaints me thinks.
  12. Finished the cockpit for the Corsair, very happy with the results. Oil paints have been quite forgiving for the weathering. Decided against using the decal for the instrument panel so instead painted tiny specks of white in the dials and dried brush some aluminum to highlight them : Added some unthinned X-22 to try to simulate glass as well
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