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  1. Thanks! I think I was a bit frustrated coming out of decaling haha Thank you, I'm not fully sure how it came to be like that but I'll see if 3 coats of pledge + 2 light coats of xf86 gives me the same result for the next model. Thanks! It has been a good learning experience with all the masking involved haha Thank you! The tail does make it stand out. It was my first Hasegawa kit and it has been fun to build, the only negative for me was the decals, it was a bit of pain to deal with them. I have a Kate in my stash also from Hasegawa and looking at how the val turned out it will be a nice build too I'm sure. Never heard of 1/50 scale, is it new or it's on older models ?
  2. awesome works everyone! Let me lower the the bar a bit :P, the Val is done: The decals have been the stuff of nightmare and I was probably too impatient with the panel line accent color but overall for a first model painted with airbrush I think it looks pretty darn cool. And the brush strokes from applying Plege are mostly invisible after an extra coat of Plege and the final xf-86 coat, so extra cool.
  3. I think I remember seeing a post on twitter about ship damage modelling, they were recreating the way the yorktown sunk IIRC.
  4. Be strong man, for I have been weak and have a 1/48 D9 coming to me in the near future 😬
  5. Don't know if that's allowed but I noticed there are deals on models for prime day on Amazon. Need to be a prime member and I don't know if it's available outside of the US.
  6. Thanks!! Thanks! I'll try that when I'm done with the decals
  7. Disaster(s) struck, the clear coat left ugly brush marks, I got some white paint mist where it wasn't supposed to go because of poor masking (see left of the fuselage hinomaru). but on the bright side I made stencils for the hinomarus and some of the yellow stripes on the tail and airbrushed them and it worked out ok. I'll have to airbrush some green again to cover that white mist. Hoping I won't be such a plum at masking next time XD.
  8. The Val is now mostly painted : I thought airbrushing would be easier but I got a nice serving of humble pie lol! Living in a desert climate finding a decent thinning ration has been a bit difficult but overall I'm happy with the results. 60% thinner - 40% paint is more diluted than Tamiya recommends but seems to be alright for my situation, it's a good learning experience.
  9. So I invested in an airbrush and put it to use this week end, I used a super cheap P51 model I found as a test bed before going to the Val: Nothing fancy but I do like to learn new things so I'm having a blast
  10. The Val is moving along slowly, re-scribed lost panel lines, finished the cockpit and put the landing gear on:
  11. Picked up Cold Waters, having lots of fun with it. Manage to wreck a soviet carrier group in the campaign, Kiev is dead in the water while an escorting destroyer sinks:
  12. Take a look at the "Quick kits" youtube channel, it has a bunch of tutorial videos that are not too long and iirc he talks about brush painting.
  13. One modelling youtuber posted about that and AK took down a few videos about the book it seems as well as cleaning the comments on their various social media platforms. A tiny bit of progress on the Val: It now has its wings and I have spent the last sessions experimenting with new (to me) techniques : puttying and sanding. The goal being removing seam lines and making smoother transitions between assemblies. It's a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end. I have the upper / lower fuselage and the transition between the wing assembly and the fuselage are smoothed out. I still need to work on the wings leading edges and other small bits around the engine area.
  14. Very nice work Barracuda! Also thanks to every one that commented on my clear coat problems, I haven't individually responded but the comments are much appreciated. First update on the Val, the cockpit is about 75% done, I have completed the weathering (the rest is the radio assembly which is its own and is done later) and applied a matte coat: It has been more difficult than the zero with lots of small parts but I'm fairly happy of how it turned out so far.
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