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  1. well then. good thing a mile and a nautical mile are not TOO different. ill just put mph and pretend its knots.
  2. Tried that, metric gives me km/hr and metres imperial gives me mph and feet I would like knots, and feet. Any ideas?
  3. UPDATE: The He-111 does feel natural to me, theres no auto-trim going on in the game. Thanks for your help Browning, Bremspropeller and everyone who responded. But also while youre here, could anyone help me out on another one of my forum posts- about getting kts to show up on the hud instead of mph? Have a great day guys.
  4. Hmm, I fly the a320 and used to fly a c172 before. But neither are comparable to a warbird I confess. So I should just get used to this then? Actually, Ill spawn in a bomber and test it out. That should be more comparable to a civilian plane. Will update you guys on how it goes.
  5. Ill attach my difficulty settings here. please let me know if one of these could be the issue. But I even tried going into an online match and it still flew like this. And hello Browning, that makes sense if we were only talking about 10 degrees. But I can put it to 45 degree climb and it will hold it perfectly for a good 5-7 seconds before the speed falls. How can you release the stick and hold a perfect pitch angle for that long? In level flight and descent its even snappier. Just pitch down and let go and it will snap onto that pitch angle for a looong while. Thanks for the r
  6. Thank you for the vid. I gave it a watch, and I agree with him. But thats exactly the issue, the video is talking about how important is to trim. But it seems that I dont need to trim in the game. In game, the nose of the plane stays where I point it, even when I haven't touched the trim. Im a pilot in real life and thats why I know thats not how it should be flying, unless the planes have auto-trim, which I doubt that a ww2 plane has. I should be needing to trim the plane for nose up, nose down, straight and level etc. The game seems to be doing that for me, and holding whatev
  7. There seems to be some auto-trimming going on in the game. I pitch nose up and release the stick, the nose stays up. I pitch nose down and release the stick, the nose stays down at the angle I released it. I cant tell if this is some assist I have turned on or just part of the game. How can I turn that off so that I have manual trimming only? It should be that if I let go of the stick, the nose should fall unless I trim nose up for example. So far, I do have keys binded for manual trimming and it works, but the auto-trim is working in the background too. I have battle of stalingra
  8. It gives me the option to have the hud in metric (km/hr) or imperial (mph). How can I change to knots instead? I have Battle of Stalingrad Thanks for the help.
  9. Hey guys. I come from war thunder, looking for a game with better controller/ joystick support, but having issues. In the key mapping page, I can bind things to axes. But moving them does nothing. For example, Right Stick to move camera. During binding, it knows im moving the right stick. But then when I check the axis response curve, or ingame mission, moving it has no effect. Also, some buttons, it only lets me use in certain cases. For example, setting the D-pad as a look around button works, but I cannot get it to work as trim control, nothing happens when I press them. At the sam
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