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  1. I feel the need... 😎
  2. I know. But visitors will be upset not to see a P-51 at 1CGS booth as on folder...
  3. P-51 release along with Me-262 confirmed! 🙂😁
  4. Definitly not. Frankfurt cathedral I would say.
  5. Great job devs! Liège in 1944. You can notice the "Basilique du Sacré Coeur" and the "Monument Inter-alliés" (number 2 in the last pic). Cheers,
  6. Yes it is. Without cellphones antenna's! 😀
  7. Looks nice! Keep up the good work
  8. Here's my 25% off code (for BOS, BOM or BOK). Copy-paste it on your order process. First to use it gets it. Cheers, Edit: just let me know if you've successfully used it so I can update this post. R36M7G9R
  9. You have to install the game through the installer. Go to il2sturmovik.com (the website, not the forum), login, go to your profile and then to download to get the installer. IL2 Great Battle is one game client. Each opus (except campaigns and collector planes) works as a standalone game. You don't need BoS to fly FC. Atm, you'll have access to Lapino map and the two released kites. FC content will grow as early access goes on. Cheers
  10. If you own Tank Crew edition, you'll be able to use its tanks/vehicules in other IL2 Great Battles titles. Already confirmed 🙂
  11. Great! Thanks for confirming it, Jason!
  12. So, Friday is the day, isn't it? From Jason comments, there should be an update within mid-june... ☺️
  13. Saudi Arabia skins? 🙄
  14. Looks like the TPR will be at FlightSimExpo this weekend. Hope we'll get exciting news from both Great Battles Series and Thrustmaster! ☺️
  15. On Russian forum: general layout of cities will be respected. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/7232-193-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=617154
  16. They enter beta this weekend, so yes probably this month...
  17. Excellent! Thanks Jason & AnKor! This will definitely widen the pleasure to fly this sim!
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