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  1. Jason also said that amount of planes for new project might be uneven between axis and allies. Edit: This might mean another business model (5+5 planes + one map) Well, no DD about it, but devs announced it on Russian forum and on an official event in Russia (I take it as "official" 😎)
  2. Apart from new collector planes already announced (Hurricane, Yak-9 & Yak-9T), they talked about BoBp release in October and new announcement in November.
  3. Now I want a typhoon even more... 😎
  4. I feel the need... 😎
  5. I know. But visitors will be upset not to see a P-51 at 1CGS booth as on folder...
  6. P-51 release along with Me-262 confirmed! 🙂😁
  7. Definitly not. Frankfurt cathedral I would say.
  8. Great job devs! Liège in 1944. You can notice the "Basilique du Sacré Coeur" and the "Monument Inter-alliés" (number 2 in the last pic). Cheers,
  9. Yes it is. Without cellphones antenna's! 😀
  10. Looks nice! Keep up the good work
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