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  1. My bet (knowing nothing about cloud modding, just feelings): 1. IL2 3D 2. Real 3. IL2 3D 4. IL2 2D 5. IL2 3D 6. IL2 3D 7. IL2 2D Cheers,
  2. The landmarks, cities, roads, airfields, elevation, forrest are really nice. I also find the textures nice (bit disappointed with winter ones, tough). But the textures are just pasted plain on terrain. I do believe they'll fix this as they did with the other maps. 🙂 Cheers,
  3. As others, I was expecting Pacific with the Morse code. But Normandy is a very reasonable choice. With BoBp, BoN, planesets and Collector planes combined, it allows great and long playability and scenarios over western Europe (online, offline, from 1941 to 1945, variety of missions types, suits flying circus and tank crew scenarios, etc.). 🙂 Hope this brings enough funding to go pacific later on (I'm waiting for Jason's comment over Pacific). Cheers,
  4. Jason also said that amount of planes for new project might be uneven between axis and allies. Edit: This might mean another business model (5+5 planes + one map) Well, no DD about it, but devs announced it on Russian forum and on an official event in Russia (I take it as "official" 😎)
  5. Apart from new collector planes already announced (Hurricane, Yak-9 & Yak-9T), they talked about BoBp release in October and new announcement in November.
  6. I feel the need... 😎
  7. I know. But visitors will be upset not to see a P-51 at 1CGS booth as on folder...
  8. P-51 release along with Me-262 confirmed! 🙂😁
  9. Definitly not. Frankfurt cathedral I would say.
  10. Great job devs! Liège in 1944. You can notice the "Basilique du Sacré Coeur" and the "Monument Inter-alliés" (number 2 in the last pic). Cheers,
  11. Yes it is. Without cellphones antenna's! 😀
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