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  1. I've submitted several tickets for various issues over the past few monthes about not being able to play multiplayer due to invisible planes, Ive not heard back about this or any other issue except to inform me I could try other servers if I purchased more battles. Well I purchased more battles, submitted more tickets, and still cant play the game. How am I supposed to get tech support for these issues when they just get merged into other threads that are only partially related to my issue. So far Im having serious buyers remorse after purchasing everything but tank crew thinking I would event
  2. bumping until I hear back from customer support about a fix for this, my problem is not intermittent and i cannot play multiplayer
  3. I noticed my forum post got merged into this one instead of being addressed by support, if they can't give me an answer to fix this so I can actually play the game I have half a mind to just chargeback all of my purchases and be done with this game, I bought everything in the Great Battles series besides tank crew waiting to hear a response back for this so I can actually play the game and feel completely ripped off at this point.
  4. After flying longer I can confirm other players are seeing me and I cant see them after numerous deaths where i go instantly from flying to the explosion screen, what is causing all of this? It makes multiplayer completely unplayable!
  5. I've been working on learning multiplayer for the past few monthes now and have been mostly stuck on taxi'ing and take offs and navigation. I always thought it was wierd that I never saw any players flying out of the same airfields but thought maybe i was picking the wrong locations from not knowing how to play properly. Played a bunch of singleplayer to work on navigation and camer back to multi, only to fly around for days thinking i was still getting lost until explaining what was happening in chat and getting told it had to be a bug. So here I am, I sent something to customer support but h
  6. Thanks! I went ahead and purchased them but now have another problem, my card got charged for the purchase but theres nothing in my purchase history or licenses to indicate I actually got what I was charged for. Does it take time for purchases to show up? It been about 5 hours since my card was charged. Im not really sure who to contact now.
  7. Which collector planes are not included in any editions apart from Normandy? Off the top of my head the one I was trying to play was the Bf 109 G-6 standard (not late) and the La-5FN Series 2. I checked my account though, and regardless I didn't get any collectors planes of ANY kind with my premium purchases, in my purchase history and licenses they all show up as premium, not standard. The planes I'm talking about are listed on the Kuban page beneath the regular planes and says nothing about being a separate purchase. I did just looked up my forum pins and they should be premium as well, B
  8. I recently bought Kuban and Moscow in the sale and my account license says premium but i can't fly those collector planes in any mode. They show up as selectable for AI. EDIT: Thanks for helping me guys, I went ahead and bought the rest of the planes but nothing was added to my account after my card was charged. Next steps?
  9. Are there any US or North American sources for the modified PS3eyecam for headtracking? I received a 3d printer for christmas and thought i would upgrade my non-vr setup from face-tracking to IR tracking and would prefer to support the community if there was a US based retailer similar to how TrackHat and DelanClip are doing for the EU? Since I plan on copying one of their designs for my IR clip I wouldn't mind supporting them by buying one of those cameras but right now I could buy a new one retail and modify it faster than shipping one to US.
  10. I'm struggling to find a server that I can play on, every time I go on one of the populated servers all of the EU players planes are invisible to me until they are on my 6 and then the lag skips straight to me dying. I really want to enjoy this game after investing so much money into it but I have yet to be able to participate in a dogfight even after buying extra packs to try different servers.
  11. I have absolutely no idea how modding works in this game or what the modding features even are so i thought id just ask, given the proper time and skillset would modding the AI be possible in any way? Either that or creating a "bot" to fly in a self hosted server, with the intention of creating a better dueling partner for solo play? I know its possible to create a "bot" and go that route but it would require extra copies and potentially multiple accounts to pull off even after the massive timesink of creating the AI from scratch, but im totally in the dark in what can be done with the in-game
  12. Let me clarify, the only multiplayer servers being run in my region with good ping are playing late war maps with late war planes. Combat Box is specifically the one im buying it for as they are the closest server to me that has good connections and consistent players. Im buying the whole series before the sale ends now so problem solved.
  13. Do ALL posts require moderator approval or is this something that happens to new accounts? I don't think anything I've posted in the past two days has gotten approved so I really can't participate in the community and now that I'm online I have some specific problems I need help with but I'm not sure whats going on with my posts so I really didn't want to do a full writeup about what I need help with until I figured out whats going on. edit: even more confused now that this post went through but my responses needed approval
  14. Does anyone know if this is still supposed to happen? Customer support said there would be one soon when I emailed them last week about it. Turns out I need BoBp to play multi-player in my region and I can't justify buying a second battle at full price without having seen what MP is like yet.
  15. Don't think my first post went through, new account so everything has to be approved so I'll try again later to win a copy. Might as well write a poem in case the Christmas sale doesn't happen since the only servers in my region require Bob and endless turn fights against the AI are getting ridiculous. Best of luck to everyone!
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