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  1. Bug reporting: On mission 1, the program crashes to desktop every time at the same point in the mission: after the attack on the trucks and on the return flight, about a minute after the German fighters spawn and begin attacking the formation. Per an earlier reply in this thread I enabled error reporting. I believe I have three such .dmp files. Since this forum won't let me attach over 5MB, I've uploaded them to a Google Drive folder, linked here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-cl-WYEl0NautfrZZOPaF__nnfUgOPT7?usp=sharing Also in that folder is a file called "tex.log" that I found in "C:\...IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data". Its creation date matches the time of the crash, and it contains several lines that seem to indicate an error loading textures and models. For example, the first three lines read: FAILED load: GRAPHICS\TEXTURES\TRASH\LOWFREQ.DDS (graphics\textures\common\LOWFREQ.DDS) FAILED load: GRAPHICS\TEXTURES\TRASH\HIFREQ.DDS (graphics\textures\common\HIFREQ.DDS) FAILED load: GRAPHICS\ICONS\ROUNDARROW.DDS (graphics\textures\common\ROUNDARROW.DDS) ... Fun mission up until the crash point! Hope to continue playing if I can get this resolved.
  2. Wow, I think I fixed mine! The difference is night and day! I found the procedure here, on a forum about IL2:CLOD. Note that my procedure required an installation of IL2:CLOD, but that may not be necessary. Here's what I did (on my Windows 10 machine): Opened 'Programs and Features' Clicked 'Turn Windows features on or off' Opened every sub-menu of both '.NET Framework 3.5' and '.NET Framework 4.6' Checked the box next to each entry Clicked OK and waited for the installation to complete That may have been all there was to it, but before testing, I also: Navigated to the folder: "...IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover\redist\DirectX" Ran the program DXSETUP.exe I suspect that I could have gotten the DXSETUP.exe program elsewhere (so if you don't have IL2:CLOD installed, fret not!). But, ultimately, I didn't go about this too scientifically, so I can't tell you exactly which part of this procedure solved the problem for me, but once I started IL2:BOS up again, everything was much better. Even the menus don't hang the way they used to. If you (or anyone else having this problem) try this method, maybe try it in steps and report back. Is it just the .NET framework that needs repair, or is a (re)installation of DirectX also necessary?
  3. Here are mine: i5-4430 (4-CPUs) 3.0GHz GTX 660 Ti 2GB 8GB RAM SSD (which is what the game is installed on) Windows 10 Pro x64 I'm using Opentrack for my head tracking (as I was before), but it's worth noting that the stuttering is still present when I am not running Opentrack. My prior installation (which ran well) was on Win 8.1 (same hardware). Also, in addition to the disk usage spikes, the Windows resource monitor noted spikes in network use by il2.exe. They persisted even when testing in offline mode. The stuttering is worst after alt-tabbing back into the game from another window, but that's pretty understandable. Lots of games do that (I assume the program has to reload textures/models or something). That the stuttering persists is less understandable. As Kemal said well, it's as if the game is constantly loading items into RAM, and produces stutters each time. I also agree with Kemal's other descriptions of the issue. Also, I may not be remembering correctly, but I think even on my previous (working) installation, changing key bindings or clicking on menu items still caused the game to hang for a few seconds. Seems weird, but I don't think that particular issue is new this time around. Also as Kemal noted, I don't think this is a new issue. Just searching for "stuttering" in the technical issues sub-forum on this site reveals many posts describing microstutters. None seem to list a solution (that I've found yet). I'll keep experimenting in the meantime, and will post a solution if I find one that works for me. DxDiag.txt
  4. Yes. Same issue, though I don't know exactly when it would have started. I played the game frequently when it first was released, never with any issues. I just reinstalled it yesterday, and it's almost unplayable. I experience frequent stuttering, slowdowns, and input lag. It happens all the time, but most frequently when I turn my head (using Opentrack). All problems persist even on the lowest graphics settings (I ran it on high before). I would have just assumed my rig couldn't handle it, but the game used to work on the same hardware! I'm so disappointed! I kept the windows resource monitor open recently while playing. It reported frequent spikes of disk drive use. Perhaps related is that every time I change a key binding, the game hangs for a good 2-3 seconds. Does the program have a hard time reading/writing to disk? Why would that have just started since I last played earlier this year?
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