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  1. Tried changing freesync mode from amd optimised to ON?
  2. How does this delay work? What is stopping someone running 2 computers or a vm running a script that copies the tacview file and loading it, while they are still in the air? Huge integrity risk for little benefit. I'm very glad its not part of the game/server.
  3. I don't think its an AMD issue at a basic level, most of the problems amd has with this game are weird amd settings that are default turned on. Prime example of this is turning amd freesync off in amd per game settings, fixes flickering and freesync still works. And the weird texture filter quality and tessellation mode, which has default settings which make spotting harder because it blurs pixels. Tonight I reset all my graphics settings in amd windows etc. Tried again in il2, exact same map exact same map settings I was having chronic issues with as above It only happens to cl
  4. Yes I tried to rebind the chat keys so it defaulted to team chat Which would make hella more sense But you can't
  5. Hey this is how I run left hand stick (thustmaster 16000m right hand mouse. My mouse has extra buttons for thumb and on top But the most important thing is thumb button as RShift <- I use this modifier a lot to double park similar controls i also have another thumb button as mic and Rcntrl I also have finger buttons as head up down Mouse wheel tilt = head side to side can be annoying but needed to look behind you Left click = zoom out Right click = zoom in Middle mouse = quick zoom I use the default keys to move head forward and back (generally I have it back for landing,
  6. The main purpose of the post is the banding in clouds. All of the pictures have banding in them. The banding doesn't show up very well with a static picture. The horizon shimmer is caused by viewing the banding at a high angle, because the rings are really close together. The same rings when view from above and below have much greater spacing and do not shimmer. i.e PgKJfPD.png (1920×1080) (imgur.com) It is not normal behavior nor acceptable. Dynamic Resolution factor is not enabled. Thanks for the input I guess? If you go back though my posts you will find clear problems with
  7. Can I run it with MSAA at the same time? Heres more details of my settings after I updated graphics driver During which I deleted my shader cache I also deleted my startup file again I've already tried changing clouds shadows HDR bloom sharpen Imgur: The magic of the Internet Currently the A20 shadow is working ok, still not as good as other shadows though I also had an issue with freesync which is why its disabled, but very occasionally I still get flickering when my FPS is well above the FPS that flickering should occur at which is 44 fps. My fps is hitting my t
  8. Last night I tried deleting my startup.cfg and tried quite a few different combinations of settings Drivers one update old Performance is good What is stopping the devs incorporating the cloud mod and the banding mod into the base game, cause that seems to be my only solution. I've updated my thread with the posts from 2017, and the banding mod.
  9. no mods, because i play multiplayer nvidia users can run both at the same time its annoying because in world of warships I run both and it makes the game look way better than just having one version Reading though the clouds mod thread. They say they have a solution, but I can't run mods and multiplayer. Requires LUA script edit or preset edit or both. This is the problem with the ocean. Imgur: The magic of the Internet Strange cloud banding and stuttering in 2.012 - Technical Issues and Bug Reports - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum from 201
  10. Can anyone help me with these issues weird tie dye ring effect applied to clouds/sky and no AA applied to rivers on Kuban map and a weird tree issue - Technical Issues and Bug Reports - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum I play multiplayer only so can't use mods.
  11. I hadn't changed my graphics settings recently. Playing Kuban on finish server. Game looks very bad https://imgur.com/a/Dw9rgpn how do i get rid of shimmer on the bottom of clouds in the distance its diagonal in the pics, but if my head/plane is perfectly flat its the same ring effect I have seen before its like theirs two separate worlds/dimensions rendered around me in rings I can see the rings if i look straight up and for clouds far away the overlapping rings cause shimmer? i tried a bunch of different settings and it didn't help turning off sharpen ma
  12. Random improvement in performance and visuals for amd users make sure you have an il-2 profile in amd settings thing and disable all the things surface format optimisation disabled and tessellation mode override x64 doing this gave me better spotting and higher smoother fps
  13. Random improvement in performance and visuals for amd users make sure you have an il-2 profile in amd settings thing and disable all the things surface format optimisation disabled and tessellation mode override x64 doing this gave me better spotting and higher smoother fps
  14. someone told me you have to set in game volume to 100% and turn it down with windows weirdly straight after the patch i could hear other planes outside cockpit closed but then its back to normal I'm wondering if i accidentally lowered the sound quality or something but can't find any settings
  15. I would ask that the default setup for srs be more noob friendly default settings are bad should be hot mic off and the static bad sound effects that make hearing/unerstanding people off
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