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  1. I purchased BATTLE OF BODENPLATTE, So i'll be on this Saturday to give it a bash online. Any servers or anyone else tried this out yet?
  2. HI Gents, Thanks for your replies, So If i purchased IL2 Cliffs of Dover and IL2battle of Starlingrad, the map creator could have all the planes from both games, Axis vs allied ? Regards
  3. Hi, Used to play on Hyperlobby under the tag of 30MM, game of choice was IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, Enjoyed the game, with its massive selection of 400+ planes. most nights during the week there used to be around 800 to 1300 players online, in games or chatting in the rooms, weekends were just as busy. Logged on last week, hyperlobby still around, however 50 players online which to be fair for from early 2000 is still good. I was toying with the idea of getting back into IL2, however after checking steam charts I'm having trouble working out if its worth getting the game, as I am only interested in online gameplay I would like to know, roughly how many people play online? as steam only shows steam purchased activity and its around 135 playing Whats the cost of the games and what do I get? Reason for his, I've taken a look at some of the later il2 titles and it seems you only get a few planes for a whopping price tag. from what understand. I need to Buy Battle of Stalingrad for $79.99 which gives me access to 10 planes and a single Map. Does this mean I can only play servers that have Starlingrad maps? Do servers mix maps and planes. Example Map Starlingrad - Planes from battle of Moscow only As i've seen this done before to push people to purchase more content. Thanks in advance, ps not trying to be awkard just want to make sure i get what I pay for. as I've been stung before
  4. 30MM


    Hello Peeps,. Nice and simple question. Are the views the same as the previous IL2 Sturmovik? ie f2 look around. f4 ground targets, f6 look at enemy target etc etc All the best 30MM
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