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  1. Here's a really great opportunity for some high quality damage modelling. I hope the devs will implement the ability to display holes in the armor plating, and through these holes see the fire on the inside, etc. Also, furiously burning fires through hatches, and hatches popping open during secondary explosions, etc. Judging by the standard of the current IL2 BoX damage modeling for planes, I have high hopes. It would be nice for the something along the way of the 3D interior qualities of IDDK's 'WWII Battle Tanks: T34 vs Tiger', and the overall physics of Graviteam's 'Steel Armor: Blaze of War'. Really, really looking forward what the devs come up with!
  2. Really looking forward to IL2 Bodenplatte. And I am particularly fond of the announced Tank Crew!
  3. I think sometimes it was enough to penetrate the engine grille and cause engine damage so that the tank was disabled. They same might have been true for affecting the running gear/threads and/or get that lucky shot in to jam the turret.
  4. Fantastic map, fantastic FM updates, and fantastic Hs-129! Thanks devs!
  5. Would be nice if that wasn't the case; cannot wait to try the Hs-129 myself!
  6. Toggable pilot body - yes please!
  7. That totally has to be a thing at one point in time, agreed. Just make the body to toggle on/off. That extra level of immersion is certainly welcomed.
  8. Well, in a dogfight I ended up with "VR neck" (I made that term up), where I strained my neck muscles a little too much and it hurt a few days. This wasn't a thing with TrackIr. :D
  9. Thanks for the info! I will try that.
  10. Where do you see all these settings? Is that from within in the Oculus Tray Tool? I don't remember seeing interleaved repojection and asynchronous options...?
  11. The VR implementation in IL-2 is really something else! Love it. Smooth and simply perfect. I am blown away - and it rekindled my love for the franchise. Thanks devs!
  12. Would love this as well for my Gametrix JetSeat!
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