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  1. All swept wing aircrafts has a tip-stall tendency due to the span-wise flow and will give nose up effect as the center of pressure moves forward. This will only occur at higher speeds when banking but same effect in all stalls. Will be fun to see this in IL-2 with the 262.
  2. So happy to see your campaign come out Gambit. I remember you talking about doing an A20 campaign before it came out and now its here :)
  3. I think radio communications between AI and pilots are the biggest flaw with BOX singleplayer. IL-2 1946 made the AI feel alive with all the radio chatter.
  4. I was thinking it it is possible to use custom skins in career if one were to replace the default skins but I am unable to fins the default skins location in game files
  5. I would like to enter for Flying Circus giveaway I am currently undergoing training myself, still having flashbacks to EASA ATPL exams 😶 Will be finished with everything this month then I hope I will land a job quickly. Currently hoping for Ryanair, they are taking in a lot of low timers. Its been a real journey and I cant wait until I am where you are today!
  6. I tried to create a Ju-52 campagin 11/1942, Stalingrad. It did work after a couple of times but I am still having this problem. Sometimes it works and sometime it dont. Also how does the transport missions work in general? The drop missions seems to work but how does it work when we are supposed to land and unload. How do we get the AI to land as well?
  7. Failing to create some campaigns. I dont know what is causing it, just that I get an error message saying its unable to find search file
  8. Key has been sent, check your licence keys page where you cant activate it
  9. The amount of detail and research put into all small details and the timeframe you guys are able to do it in is {Edited] awesome and really baffles me. Btw are those panzerblitz rockets on the Fw-190 F8?
  10. I would like to enter for BOBP 😊 EDIT: Would like to withdraw due to winning BOBP in another giveaway
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