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  1. What is 1:24? The cockpit doesn't look like the SR71 one.
  2. https://aviasalon.com/en/visitors/flight-program You can expect all of them, MiG29/MiG35, Su27, Su35, Su 34, PAK FA anyway. Usually you can expect them to fly every day but i am not so sure about that. I think the time when they fly are posted shortly before the event starts because of organizational reasons.
  3. Not directly a Luftwaffe plane but you could put it into the Axis lineup easily.
  4. Oh upsi. 😄😅 Okay then i will add something useful, no Jets in this game anymore, please. I think 1 jet plane is enough to bring the game's multiplayer balance into trouble(yes, the game is not only multiplayer but singleplayer is boring and flying a jet is boring as well) Any propeller plane is applying my fighter pilot soul way more than any jet could. Especially that IL-2 is the only flight sim that gets propeller dogfights right and now you want to switch to jets? 😮
  5. As long over accurate Tailgunners are not fixed a B17 is a stupid idea even i would love to have one.
  6. Yeah he tried to impress a subordinate, and with a normal landing you can't impress anyone, he did something really stupid.
  7. Look at each ruder, he is just moving the ruder to the right a bit all the time, typical movement. Nothing of Übermenschen skill and for me anything but a hard take off and someone i think it's the Dora guy(Erich Brunotte) who made a interview in dcs also said without saying which plane exactly more like generally that he never had the problem to go nose forward after braking hard. Again most of the guys who were killing their planes on take offs and landings were new guys, some even forgot to retract the landing gear, even the more experienced forgot that.(Galland Lipfert for example) You have to imagen that those guys came as new guys to a new weapon system like the 109 with lack of flight hours, especially in 1944 where most 109s ever were build with the worst training for pilots available. They had no simulator to train and practise with, the very first PS monster they recieved were the mighty Bü 131 with 100 horse power, then they got pushed to 109s. The flightschools were like "here have fun". The accidents were still relatively low for people who have literally never have any experience with a plane that has more horses than Johann III. Sobieski...
  8. Btw you can take off without using the Ruder at all with the 109 in DCS and here in IL2.
  9. People like to exaggerate, we have enough people who can't even land a cessna and tell other people in forum that you will crash if you don't pay attention. Spoiler: You will always crash if you don't pay attention with any plane.
  10. The 109 is also easy to take off in dcs, and the in real life "hard to take off" crap comes from pilot accounts that took off in Mud, bad weather, changing airfields sometimes every day another airfield because of the fast movements in the war. And that talk about so many died in take off accidents is a myth that has nothing to do with the plane. The pilots back were worse and didn't have the luxus we have to respawn after we died or crashed. We can keep trying and most of us have like +1000 hours which was miles away from ww2 pilot experiences. Veteran 109 pilots are quite unimpressed by the take off and landing behavoir of it. And the remaining 109s that we see in airshows don't crash in take offs or landings either, unlike Spitfires, they do >8^) We don't have that kind of bad weather swimming in mud airfields, our airfields are just dry.
  11. It's the not derated G2 you were looking at, the G2 we have is the rated one but it is faster at higher alt but way slower at lower alt than the F4.
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