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  1. That's above is a bug clearly but i made a separate post. But I agree with @QB.Creep The 50s are way too weak compared to 131(13mm) I mean look at this: (ignore the collision at the end, the collision system is inconsistent, my wingman rammed a Me262 in a headon and he died meanwhile the 262 kept flying) (keep also in mind that i only recieved damage by the 2x 13mm bullets and not by the collision itself http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/6255170/?tour=67 here damage log and look at the time, no damage received after) Also i want to add that i have another example without a collision with i get hit by 2x 13mm as well and had the same or even worse problems to hold it steady. EDIT: That Bf109G14 tapped me in the wing with 13mm, only 2 bullets hit, from his flight angle he also couldnt make more bullets into the target than these two 13mm bullets. It also didn't make the 30mm hitsound or the thic cloud into the wing which indicates that i got hit by 30mm. His loadout was 13mm and 30mm. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/6255085/?tour=67 After he hit me with 2 13mm bullets in the wing of the P47 i had massive problems to hold the plane steady and had to give full stick pressure to the left to make it home somehow. BY 2 BULLETS OF MG131(13mm)! One of the biggest wing areas get shreddered like that by 13mm? Na that isn't believable at all.
  2. "...When I turned around, I heard the soundI hit the ground, I know there's no turning back. I've seen better daysSo unafraid in my youth..." From the Song "Lydia" by "Highly Suspect"
  3. All planes are awesome, from 109 to Ju87, to P51D to P38! I recommand some people who fly only one fraction to step out of their patriotic shadow and fly all of them online. As human you can't decide where you are born and therefore what you will fly.
  4. Good Luck doing this against the Hurricane.
  5. Mein Überraschungsangriff war erfolgreicher.
  6. I am not complaining about why i am banned, i am cool with being banned here. That is all good. I am only calling out the attempts to insult, nothing else. 😋
  7. Since i am perma banned from taw and this already for quite some time i wonder who is making these fake accounts or the attempts to insult. 😘 http://taw-server.de/pilot.php?name=MeoW.Scharfi http://taw-server.de/squad_stats.php?name=Stupid%20Cunts
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