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  1. Yeah, a blue nosed P51 would be awesome!!
  2. Nice skin! Is it possible to make a blue nose skin without having anything written on it, like killmarks and letters?
  3. I really find it sad that the map "PrebodenFantasyWinterD" isn't played that much anymore. I have no idea why it's not populated so often anymore. 😕
  4. P51D ❤️ Yeah, I' m gonna take my P51 to the old town road..
  5. "He also thinks that more german pilots were lost through landings/take offs than through enemy attacks." Sure.. 🤦‍♀️
  6. Finnish discussions rather be like "nonii gib B109G2 unrated(with emergency power)!" VS "nonii gib Taivaan helmi". Edit: I would like both of them. :DDD
  7. We will see if it gets +11 or +9 or both, till then we should wait and see, i will put myself into cryosleep till P51D releases.
  8. Sure, P47 Flaps are one thing but what makes me crazy in the P47 is how FAST it gets destroyed in IL2 GB. I am certain that the Fw190D9 or Me262 can take more punishment than the P47D-28. Maybe i will upload a damage model video of it. Because it's reputation was being able to take damage in combat and still make it back to England or France. But how the damage model is modelled right now is just awful!! A LaGG 3 is for example, a fighter plane that can take more punishment than any other fighter in IL2, i mean i would just copy paste the Damage model into the P-47. If you read "Engine 1" is damaged, your engine even after reducing all power and prop pitch/mixture/turbocharger will most of the time shut down before you even reach 50 km. This doesn't happen with Bf 109s or Fw190s so bad. In the P47 it will die in about 9 of 10 cases before you even reach 40km. Usually i would also think that it loses a bit too fast it's wing, but you don't even have to lose your wing, already few small holes into that huge wing making your plane hard to control. It tends to drop so hard to the damaged wing side like no other plane does in our planeset. I had even bigger holes in my lovely Bf109, yet it's still quite controlable even like 10% of the wing was gone(holes). While only like 1% of P47 wingarea damaged, you clearly can't dogfight with that plane anymore. This pic for example is where i had to trim 50% alerion. This was the reason why i had to trim like 50% the alerions to the left, otherwise it would drop hard there on cont. power and maybe 2500 rpm? This is not the torque anymore. And if the wing damage has a little bit more holes or bigger onces in it, you have to trim 100% and rtb without any hope to be able to turn much, unlike Bf109 and Fw190 or Spitfire/Yaks. The damage model for the P47 is sooo horrible that bloody 7.92mm can and will shut your engine down and 20mm just shoot it out of the universe(i speak of 1x hit, not burst hits!!) I like the P47 but i am sooooooo disappointed of the damage model -__- I don't speak about making it indestructable but people who fly it as much as i do, can confirm that is really something broken with the damage model in the P47. The P47D-28 is the weakest fighter in taking damage from all IL-2 fighters we have! guess our victors should have written a better story then, because you take the most known credit away, the survivability. I think i will make a big post about it's damage model someday to show even the last one who is simply refusing to face the reality that this has to be fixed.
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