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  1. just like teamkilling on purpose huh? Krupinski gets teamkilled by JG300_Faucon after he shot down 2 of his JG300 teammates being in the enemy team, so Faucon who was in the same team like krupinski decided to teamkill krupinski and revenge his 2 squadronmates. Was on TAW quite some time ago, we checked stats and it was Faucon who shoot at Karaya because Karaya "stole" his kills
  2. Says the guy who vulchers people seconds after take off. Yeah play your victim card and call me out as much as you want, i don't regret a thing, especially after your whine. 🤷‍♀️
  3. MeoW.Scharfi


    Video by @Krupnski Some shots are really impressive. 😏
  4. The P38J needs way more skins! 😺😍
  5. I tried to play on the server which had such a cool mission but the game crashed for me and my wingman at the same moment. ://
  6. Maybe you should stop spreading false information?! The only true way to fight the T34 is the CROWBAR TIMESTAMP:
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