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  1. I want to remind that we didn't only get the Me262, but also the gorgeous Albatros!
  2. He had his P47 flaps down and it is really hard to pull nose down when you are using flaps.
  3. Yeah at high speed the Me262 turn is really good.
  4. Don't mind the dislikes, there are certain people I seem to piss off who go butthurt through all my videos by pressing dislike. That won't stop me from making videos I am used to that. 😉
  5. You can even take off at the smallest airfield in BoX with 100% fuel.
  6. There have been people using invisible skins. Now you think, sure but if i don't have that "skin" he is not invisible to me. Yes, but he will be able to look in any direction and sees everything above, below behind him, can also make easy deflectionshots without even thinking much.. that's why those skins are not available.
  7. I took all weight i could with the 262, even Feldwebel Schultz if there was one.
  8. Me262s need an own airfield to spawn in, I noticed how people tried to roll or friendlyfire(as bombertailgunner) other 262s, because they didn't get one.(they are very limited on the servers right now). And to steal your 262 by shooting it or ramming to make you despawn. People who friendly fire can be banned but people who roll into other 262s starting up only to steal them afterwards can't be seen in the stats.
  9. I repeat my Point again, against 1943 to 1944 planes you will have a tough time doing your attack and extend away tactic against planes that can easily catch up except the victim you just bounced without being able to defend yourself. Therefore you will be forced to do defensive flying and end up turnfighting OR they will follow your tips by NOT using flaps in the situations he need them and get shot down out of the skies... So again, my point i was writing above was ONCE YOU HAVE TO DEFEND YOURSELF IN THE 190 and NOT, let's start the dogfight with a turnfight. I was giving the guy the trips he needed to be good in the 190 and not the 0815 ones you give him which would make him the kind of 190 flyer that can only kill by suprising his victims from low 6 and dying once something fast from 1944 catches up on him in speed without being able to defend himself.
  10. So you are posting final moments caught as guncam of 190s and 109s to prove your point how well it turns in IL2? Ok...
  11. Video interview translated Interviewer: "How was it to shoot down a Mustang with a Ta or 190? Reschke:"Well.. everyone had his own point of view, but to make it clear the mustang was good, you shouldn't underestamate it, it was fast it was maneuvable it was good, but it had one certain advantage over all our fighters, with the TA i had no dogfight with the mustang, saddly today i regret it that i can't compare it, but with the 109 or 190 i had many dogfights, the Mustang made it's first turn, the initial turn really fast, he was nearly behind you, therefore many pilots lost their minds and tried to dive and run away which pretty much killed them. But if you keep turnning you will get the Mustang, the old vets of us knew it all.. Interviewer: "With the 109?" Reschke:"Also with the 190, it was maybe a bit easier with the 190 than with the 109, because with the 109 you needed some muscles to turn with it, because those who had no became tired, you needed to pull even with both hands because of the big stick pressure. .... bla bla bla not important  Ok I "pollute" the thread then. I have NEVER mentioned they used flaps in turnfights only that they were turnfighting most of the time instead of the BnZ we see from people with much more ingame experience than the pilots back then and i said that you should use them ingame.
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