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  1. I recommand Helmut Lipfert's book "The War Diary of Hauptmann Lipfert" as well. 😁
  2. The real question is. Bf 109 G6 Late = Bf 109G6(with stuff like Erla Canopy and/or MW50) or Bf 109G6/AS?
  3. If my victims would evade my shots just like you evaded my joke, i would never ever make airkills anymore.. have a nice day.
  4. I wonder who will make the most flight-hours in this TAW. TAW: Wake up, we have a real life to burn!
  5. People who complain about P51s damage model, are used to see this.. (Timestamp set at 19:22) Timestamp, just look how fast the engine of the second P47 quits, should the P51 change/swap the DM with P47 only that you see P51s engine quit so fast? Hell no.. Same problem is with the P38 elevator that flies off way too easy or the P47 DM overall(the P47s engines quit always like that when you read Engine 1 is damaged).. while the russian counterparts can take way more punishment. Sure, there are moments where i am wondering how much some P51s can take, but i have these moments with shooting on Bf109s, Fw190s, Bf 110s, Yaks, Lalas, LaGGs as well...
  6. argh, i hear you, happend to me in the mig3 with the yellow propeller spin. "YOU HAD A YELLOW NOSE" the guy said that friendly fired me... πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
  7. G-14 and A-8 can pretty much compete with P51Ds(without 150oct), Spit IX(without 150oct) and Tempests(without +11boost) and hell it is just one map running that setting which many people enjoy a lot, out of 3 maps overall.
  8. What about Malaya, Netherlands East Indies(no it's not flat there), Burma, Okinawa and New Guinea Even Guadalcanal the battle ranges were not that long. πŸ˜‹
  9. They are quite close up in topspeed and usually the one getting chased has to evade shots and burns energy that way. So running became tough in Bodenplatte. 😁
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