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  1. During an hard landing I hit the terrain with the aircraft's nose...so I totally broke the engine and propeller. After that, if I try to restart the engine, i can hear it running...even if it's completely removed. In the short video you can see the detached engine...and the sound when I try ot restart it. Should be fixed?
  2. Talking about speed...don't you think that the Folgore lose energy, in flight level, too slowly when throttle is in idle? On positive aspects...finally, after the latest update, trim is operable and works fine....as a trim should be.
  3. How do you set gun cam? Great video
  4. 100% game volume ( with this settings the engine sounds volume is too loud....deafening to play with that ) In the video you can see the Spit hit my canopy, with damages to the windshield...some holes in the wings ... but no sounds. I realised that this happens more with flak hits
  5. I just deleted the conf.ini file...the game recreate it with new settings
  6. Already checked several volume settings...I can hear with no issues other sounds...like aircraft's engine flying even not so close to me...but no sounds at all if I take an heavy hit the broke my rudder
  7. 4SCT_Vespa

    Track replay

    I'm trying to get some in-game video....to do that I try to record track while in mission so I can play recording video playing the track later. I realized that I cannot change camera view when playing the recorded track....while I can do that in IL2 Sturmovik games, so, for example, even if i recorded the track while in cockpit, I can view the aircraft from outside when plaing the recorded track. .is it correct or I'm missing anything? Thanks for any hint
  8. Don't know if this is a game or aircraft issue (( I always fly CR42 and C202 ), but I I hear no sound when an enemy shot hits the plane and some parts are even damaged or removed from the shot, for exaple loosing an aileron or a rudder. I just realize that someone hits me when the aircraft start flying worse due to reduced aerodynamic performance This is really annoying...
  9. Same for me...lot of server crashes....impossible to play in this way.
  10. Thanks a lot Barone...liveries looking great...thanks for sharing. I really hope you'll get the chance to paint more skins
  11. I'm trying to play with the mission builder ( it's a mess ) to create some basic missions and learn how the builder works. I'm not able to figure out how to allow external view while playing the mission...any hint on this? Thanks a lot
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