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  1. IS it normal that I cannot hear any sound/ping when someone hits me? And when I hit an enemy plane there are no flashes or other graphic effets to see if I hit him.
  2. Me too, I voe for ption to remove the 7,7mm
  3. I have to check it again...I'm not sure if it's random. I'll report after more flights
  4. Outstanding work Titus...I'll have a deep look into your artwork
  5. Is there any dead line to fix the annoying sound bug in C202? After a plane crash...even if I restart a new C202...I still hear structure plane bad sounds
  6. Thanks julian...maybe I selected wrong folder....in my path there are plane folder named with tobruk suffix...other with no suffix....take a look at the screenhsot below of my skin folder located at: C:\Users\Federico\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\PaintSchemes\Skins For the CR42 there are two folders ---for example
  7. Thanks a lot for heads up RedKestrel...I coimpletely missed that thread. It has been a really annoying poor feature in IL2 so far....even compared to Desert Wings that use an old engine
  8. Thanks for hint...great liveries Just one more question...sorry. I placed the files in the mentioned folder...but do I need to edit other files to get the skin in game? I tried the G50 into an offline mission...but I cannot select my custom livery. Thanks again for any feedback
  9. So the annoying low visibility enemy plane in dogfight will be fixed?
  10. Nice liveries indeed...where should I place those files?
  11. Me too, I think so...and it's a very pity due to the poor outdated engine used to develop such important area/theatre.
  12. I'd like to see a mediterranean/desert map in IL2 ( actual engine...)
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