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  1. Brilliant development...but...is there any plan to add more italian aircrafts with correct pilot?
  2. LLv34, don't blame me for the following question...but I rarely find the Macchi C202 available in the server. Would it be possible to add it in more scenarios? Thanks a lot for your patience.
  3. Right now I'm not able to get into action in Finnish server...I got stuck downloading files from server...restarted several times and always got there. Any issue?
  4. Sorry if this topic has been already discussed, I found old threads about that but I'd like to update the info about this gauge. It would be really useful if AFN-2 works properly in IL2, mainly in the online server with no map icons. So I'm wondering if the gauge works correct in game, with both needles correctly showing info about direction and distance, and the same for the small light in the middle of the gauge. Thanks a lot for any feedback.
  5. Sorry if this has been already discussed...wasn't able to find previous hint: In WOL custom livery are not allowed, is there a reason for that? It would be useful if pilots in same unit could share a custom skin. Thanks a lot for any feedback
  6. Wonderful...thanks a lot for your feedback. Can I ask if custom liveries are visible in multiplayer server? Sorry for all these questions...I'm new to this That's correct....it would be great to get other italian planes that took action in Estearn front...and I think that all the community will appreciate this...MC200, for example, was a good fighter...that could compete against Hurricanes too, for example ... and not mentioning other aircraft like the FIAT BR.20 or the Caproni Ca.311 bomber
  7. Great liveries FoxbatRU...well done. Can I set custom livery for each pilot in our unit? I mean..with number unit customized
  8. I see....weird...I thought log file parsed by the stats script was the same of the in-game reported points.... so it's completely unreliable what I see inthe in-game text console ...
  9. Just a question about ship target...does this allow shared hits? I mean...If I hit a ship, but I don't sink it, and other player sink the same target...do I get an assist point?
  10. Really a great server...well done and keep up the great work. Preferred server so far. By the way...just some hint request...I always get in trouble trying to spot enemy contact....is there a way to fix this issue? It's always hard to spot other cons...and when spotted I have to get really close to recognize model and aircraft type. This issue even get worse when contact is seen against terrain... Thanks a lot for any help
  11. No way to fix this issue...and seems that 1C doesn't care about that. I just have to remove this poor game and switch to DCS
  12. Sent a new PM....Just in case you won't get it...can I sen to you an email? Thanks
  13. Thanks for update Buzzsaw...I can't wait to get TF. By the way...you got a PM
  14. Thanks a lot for info Sokol, now I know that I don't need to buy IL2 CoD Blitz or whatever...but I just have to wait for Tobruk 5.0
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