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  1. No way to fix this issue...and seems that 1C doesn't care about that. I just have to remove this poor game and switch to DCS
  2. Sent a new PM....Just in case you won't get it...can I sen to you an email? Thanks
  3. Thanks for update Buzzsaw...I can't wait to get TF. By the way...you got a PM
  4. Thanks a lot for info Sokol, now I know that I don't need to buy IL2 CoD Blitz or whatever...but I just have to wait for Tobruk 5.0
  5. Can't wait to get this MOD. I have a question since I'm totally new to IL2 Cliffs of Dover: is this a completely standalone game? I mean...what are the step to install this MOD ( when it will be available ) or any other IL2 CoD MOD? Thanks
  6. Thanks for feedback Thad; I already tried to start the game clicking on the IL2.exe file, as Admin. Same result I'm really get crazy...the game was working fine till few days ago....
  7. No good luck. Here you are what I did: - Uninstalled the game - Manually deleted all the folder not remove by uninstaller - Performed a registry clean using CCleaner - Turned off the PC - Turned on the PC - Re installed the game Nothing: the launcher can run and install all the files...but when I click PLAY the game doesn't start.
  8. I have uninstalled the game...then manually deleted all the data but not restarted the game before re-installing. I'm going to to do....SOB! 11 Gb. Thanks for hint...I'll report about success or not
  9. Hi guys, I got in trouble with IL2 after latest WIndows 10 update. The game doesn't start anymore; I mean, I can run the launcher, I can update the game but when I click PLAY I see the IL2 icon in the Windows bottom bar...but the game doesn't start. I've set up the game to run as Admin...of course. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the game....nothing. In the Windows program manager I see the Launcher and IL2 but I can just close the program from there... Any help?
  10. Thanks a lot Acasto, I really appreciate your efforts and support.
  11. What a great template! Thanks a lot for your great work. I'm totally newbye in 2D art...but I'll try to do a Regia Aeronautica Ju87 D3 historical livery. Just a question about normal map downloadable from the first post...I'm not sure what to do with thaty...do I need to place it inside the custom livery aircraft folder? Thanks for any hint and feedback
  12. First of all sorry if this topic has been already discussed; I tried to do a quick search but got no previous post. The question is: are custom skins viewvable by other players in multiplayer? Is this a feature implemented in IL2? Thanks for any feedback
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