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    Future for VR

    wont play any sim game these days without VR. Im up for vr on this.
  2. I dont play MP much at all and plenty in VR SP but I shoot for the Silk. I don't want past enemy's gunning for revenge, or their aces shooting down my fellow men or you training future pilots to do the same. I play for keeps, if I shoot you down I want your life. I would expect the same from the enemy. I admit I will lose the alt to see the sob never will return in any way if he's done damage to my squadron.
  3. Well I would like to do this if it can be done as I came from rise of flight and enjoyed playing the start of the war to the end. Is there a way to do this and will there ever be if there isnt. Oh and VR in this is killer sick [edited] I love it. First time trying it today and wow.
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