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  1. My men i think the same for cheaters but we don't need a list just a real ban life if they try a second time after warnning them.
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your WIP, future looks bright for the game !
  3. I have a microsoft controller but not plugged in, it seems to be an ID problem since the last ptach. Thanks to try to help me.
  4. Same problem here i think ! Every thing is fine but when i am in my plane the joystick doesn't respond.
  5. Hello, Since 3 or 4 days my joystick doesn't respond anymore in game but when i go to key mapping it responds so i can change my keys but when i am in my warbird nothing change i can't fly. So i checked my input device and it's all good it is set for joystick. I don't understand why i have this problem now i played the game for one year and i've never seen this before. I noticed this bug since i unpluged my joystick just for one week. If you have some idea or if someone have the same problem just help me please it's so frustrating... PS:Windows recognize the joystick.
  6. It was very amazing yesterday your first attack on airfields was a great pressure for us ! Good try guys !
  7. Yeah I understand it's a very hard plane to pilot but, like you, I love too much his aggressive design to him sleep in my hangar. Maybe we can dream of the engine upgrade that RflSeal was talking about.
  8. In the bom campaign if you learn how to use engine you can treat your mission because AI is very predictible. So right know I just want to try this plane in multiplayer only with bom planes even if you can't turn fight with a bf110, this plane is very capable if you keep your energy and maybe with more enginepower but saldy we don't have the engine upgrade.
  9. Personally I like these kind of difficulty, when you must analyze the map fly very carefully and keep your mate close to you. Maybe it's like "try and die" sometimes but in WWII you had lot of chance to die in your first mission. And actually it forces you to play better.
  10. Amazing job thanks ! Now I can only hope that we will have dedicated for bom.
  11. Yea i am a young pilot i fly one time per week. And I didn't try to use flaps at 700km/h so if it's true i understand. But when i read that the Yak-1 is superior or easy mod plane campared to 109 it's a big joke.
  12. We have very accurate FM, and yea not perfect because it's impossible to reproduce exactly the reality even with the best dev ever. So stop whining for nothing one day you will break the game... And you know it !
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