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  1. Blues were doing good with bombing but we just lost half of Stalingrad. Keep up the pressure blues, we will win a map one day 😁
  2. Tried a new challenge, was a very hard journey but was pretty fun to fly the Mig-21 on Growling Sidewinder
  3. LOL. Thanks so much, i have seen your name before on the server, makes me laugh every time I see you log in.
  4. No worries! Before I play any game or server I like to understand the rules so it's in my nature to document so I answer any questions when I can to try to help. 😁 The Finns are the ones that run and own the server, I just wanted to throw that out there again so people know that I am just a player. 😄
  5. I strafed him because he shot at me and then immediately ditched it when he missed. He was trying to save his stats.
  6. I am not part of the admin staff so Temuri will have to answer you about the grey/black smoke. My understanding is that it's just a visual indicator to help find the front. For red and blue smoke, this video explains the mechanics
  7. Any chance the hurricane can be available for later tiers? Based on the new stat systems, it's pretty clear that people like to fly it.
  8. Explanation of the new mechanic and how to use it.
  9. They are fun but I wish they had more ammo or were able to be grouped as a battery of units. Then the player could move one gun and the other guns would be slaved to that aim point. But beyond that, the detail in the tank and now AAA stuff continues to impress me for being able to work in a flight sim.
  10. Is it normal to see no difference in climb with the K4 DB vs DC engine? I deleted the old folders and dropped in your new ones then started the program fresh. I am getting nothing for turn data.
  11. Nice, can you give a bit of info how you were able to produce these results?
  12. I honestly think that Me-262s should be increased but forced only to lift and land from temp airfields. They would be much more vulnerable and would make up for increased supply numbers from them.
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