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  1. I mean more than logs, something like giving an API coordinates for unit placement and the API will return the type of terrain. If its land, ask for height etc. If thats sea or forest, generate the location again because you would not want your targets to be either swimming or hiding in between trees when doing ground attack missions.
  2. If Devs knowingly assume players would use PWCG then I would expect from Devs to provide API to give more control over the game to third party applications.
  3. i-16 my favorite plane. Thanks. I think I have already played similar mission, not sure if yours or JadeMonkeys, but I will replay the new version as well.
  4. You are welcome, let me know if it worked for you.
  5. Hi. What file extension are you translating? I think the non translated version comes with .rus files that include the translation and other languages, like .eng do not. The first line "0:" is the title, so you will need to copy your translations into .eng file from .rus.
  6. Or you can resave your whole library of missions and/or campaigns with this software. To do so, you need to start the application, click the "Resave missions" from top right and then check what you want to save (either all missions or what you want) and click resave. Please note: resaving whole library can take hour or more time depending on your CPU and how many missions you have chose to resave. Guide on how to resave your whole library of missions: Step 1: Click "Resave Missions" button. Step 2: Check the type of missions you want to resave and click "Resave" Step 3: Click "Select All" and then click "Resave"
  7. +1 for the request. Each time there is a sale I need to run the game and go to QMB to check what I already have and what planes I need to purchase. BTW if one page can show the purchase then its a matter of sql query to show it in other page (inner join I would guess). About the vehicles. I am a single player guy, not sure what type of missions you can do with AA, even Armed Assault series added 1 or two missions per game in the series.. But in multiplayer I can see how it can be popular. Maybe it can force me to finally play MP 😜
  8. Out of three only the version that Soviets got lacks ammo, the superior version of Spitfire and Tempest have good amount of ammo, no? Correct me if I am wrong. Sorry, I am still confused xD
  9. Thanks. This means that only my plane will have them, right?
  10. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I was working on a third update 0.3 version for the past half a year but found bugs upon bugs which caused me to hold the release. I hope I will release the third update soon. I am definitely thinking adding an option for other users to upload their campaigns, but this needs some work, hopefully will be added in a future update.
  11. It is in sticky 3rd party forum. Here is the link. You choose IL2 category and then click "Resave missions" from the top right. The name of the program can confuse you but it has some other useful functions like the one I have described previously.
  12. Hi, I am little confused. I want to start the campaign, but do I need to download any skins for it as previous campaign releases (P38, P47), or should I just play with the default skins?
  13. You dont have to do it this way. You guys can use resave tool and/or use my application that does all this automatically (it loops through all the missions and tells resaver to resave the files) and with few clicks you can resave all your mission/campaign library. More info in 3rd party forum.
  14. Hi, first of all thanks. When you start the application look at the top right, you will have the "Resave Missions" button Click on it, it should locate the installation of your game automatically if you have purchased it from this site, otherwise ask you for the game location. Then choose either Campaign or Missions, select the missions and click Resave. It may take a lot of time resaving if you choose a lot of missions, depending on your CPU. Take a look at the picture below. Good luck and let me know if this helped.
  15. The name can mislead but it has some additional features like resaving your whole campaign/mission library.
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