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  1. How come a pilot psychology is more important than adding radio options that every other flight sim have?
  2. You will be surprised at how 90's WWII games were compared to this one for example. A lot better AI for sure and, in my opinion, better visualization of the GUI post battles (you see pictures of awards etc). Sadly I forgot the name of the game
  3. Hi, 1. Is there a way to contact airfields to ask permission to takeoff/landing? 2. Is it possible to return to airfield to rearm?
  4. Yea at the end I have accelerated it. Did not notice any performance drops (and I am playing at 4K). Thanks anyway.
  5. Unit 27 USSR. After reading on Steam forums I understand you can pickup a closer airfield to the frontline. Is it possible only when restarting the career? Other questions: 1. What do you get with the money or experience you get for completing the missions? 2. What happens if some one dies in your squad? Are they being replaced with infinite reinforcements of pilots or should I be careful in missions to save as much friendly AI as possible?
  6. Just did my first Career mission for Battle of Moscow. Took me nearly 2 hours to fly in formation, 200~ KM. Are all the missions so long?
  7. Log says: Failed to extract file(s) from pack(s). Failed to get update files from http source. Closing cURL client. What should I do? According to latest update official thread, I am not the only one, it seems like their http server is not working. I remember when I was downloading the game, it had an option to use p2p, but I do not see this option now.
  8. According to logs (its a miracle I have found them at all), the http server is refusing connection: Failed to extract file(s) from pack(s). Failed to get update files from http source. Closing cURL client. The log is located at data folder and named update.log What is your /data/update.log says at the end of file? If something about http, I guess their server does not work or refuse your connection.
  9. I did 100% what you have described. First time bombs were not dropped, on second try all three planes dropped the bomb. So if there is a chance that the AI will not drop the bombs when they should, its a bug. There is a joke among the testers when a developer says "its not a bug, its a feature", your reply reminded me this xD I have read the mission and followed the squad formation from the takeoff to the attack waypoint and straight to the landing phase. If people read my first post in this thread there would not be such misunderstanding.
  10. I am completely aware how bugs come, I am tester myself (quality assurance). But what I do not understand is, how they release a new version without testing their missions. Before a new version is released, you have to do a sanity tests. Sure, you cannot test all the missions, but if I find a game breaking bug within 40 minutes of playing the first missions in a campaign, its not that hard to reproduce. Steps to reproduce: 1. Start the second mission of the campaign in the latest game version (3.101b). 2. Fly after your squad lead. 3. Approach attack waypoint with your squad. 4. Do not shoot or throw bombs.
  11. Back in the 90's the AI was way better and I could even fly my plane with keyboard without the fear that I will lose formation because the AI is stupid. Back in the 90's there were bugs, but not game breaking that cause me to restart mission and hope that AI will engage its enemies. Back in the 90's the game cost was low and I am pretty sure I got the game with one of those 222 demo discs. This game I already spent around 100$ or more, and I get a buggy mess, without any quality assurance. Developers release a patch? They need to make sure that the AI works properly in all their official campaign missions, where is the quality assurance in this game?
  12. Hi, I have purchased today Battle of Kuban and started playing the scripted campaign Sea Dragons. First mission was an intro, nice formation flying, I have enjoyed it, despite the AI being on steroids changing its speed from 80% to 100% just before landing. The issues started with the second mission "Malaya Zemla" when we got the objective to attack an artillery position. Sounds fun. Took off with my squad, another formation flying, spotted the enemy positions, then bam - like its 1945 and war is over - our glorious flight leader decided to continue his flight and ignore the enemy, despite they started to shoot at us with AA. I was sure it is some kind of Red Army tactics to confuse the enemy, but no, we continued to follow the scripted waypoint straight to our airfield. Then I have landed, speed was high, ended in the ocean but still "mission complete" because this trigger "0 altitude" worked and triggered "mission complete". Gah. What a buggy mess.
  13. Thanks, will download it now. But today is a sale so I want to buy at least one campaign. Is there any that is suitable for new players?
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