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  1. Thanks for the explanation. From the AI / Logic side, as a Dev, I would add a number from 1 to 100 that will indicate probability of success. This way mission author could provide 100% (by default) so the AI will aim for a 100% chance of bombing success, and on a bad weather mission you could provide much less percentage, lets say 20% so the AI would not "think" too much and just drop it "as is". What do you think? Lets send this feedback to the devs 😜 BTW, played two of your WWI missions and they are as well designed nice and are pretty fun. There is one called "pop those godamn balloons spad" but I have never noticed any - just enemy planes
  2. Se agregará a su cuenta de tienda (sitio web) / juego. (Traductor de google) It will be added to your store (website) / game account. (Google Translate)
  3. XSOLLA is a payment site on this store, not Steam. You pay for steam game in Steam store. Not sure if you can use purchased content in the main store inside steam.
  4. Thanks 👍 Nice mission. The attackers seem to leave the area very fast, I could only catch one BF110. But overall a very nice and fun mission. 👍
  5. NP. Did the new drivers added any FPS to your game?
  6. Try updating GPU drivers, I heard latest Nvidia drivers should boost significantly the FPS in various GPU models. Give it a try. The reason is that in Windows 10 the new Nvidia drivers are using a hardware in a more direct approach. What is the mission name and what page can I find it? Thanks.
  7. 61.7 GB + latest update that I did not download yet. Edit: My missions and Campaigns both folders size is 2.5 GB
  8. You cam achieve the first one by giving the AI enough distance to adjust itself towards the enemy, both by spawning the enemy far away enough and triggering the ground attack command (preferably at the same time). Then either count the enemy killed or bingo on bombs to trigger the next waypoint.
  9. Same here. Got like 2-3 just by serving in specific years, and I was just a tank mechanic 😄
  10. From all of civ/war/space simulators, in my opinion - IL2 Great Battles have the best prices per content and have a lot of sales. For instance, take the following example: X-Plane 11 had a 30% sale two years ago. DCS has mostly 30-50% off sales. Star Citizen has so much expensive ships. IL2 Great Battles had 75% off for almost every content for the past few months.
  11. The database was restored. Application should work now. Thanks for reporting this issue.
  12. Upon investigation I see that the hosting provider messed up my database. I have opened a ticket, hopefully they will fix it as soon as possible.
  13. Hi, There are currently issues with the hosting server. I am working on fixing it, but it may take time.
  14. I am not sure you will get better FPS in VR if you upgrade your CPU because VR mainly dependent on your GPU. Are you having a good FPS in Scripted Campaigns when not using VR?
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