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  1. If you require transmitting the x/y/z of your head movement it will consume more network traffic than your entire plane in a dogfight because you move your head always, even if you look straight the coordinates are still being changed constantly. Sure you can implement a smart algorithm that will predict your next head location this way it will use less network resources, or do not transmit the head coordinates unles you moved your head above certein treshold since last coordinates update. But is it worth the effort? There are other more critical issues that needs to be solved or improv
  2. Fortress Stalingrad, it has so many attention to details, amazing campaign, and its free. (I think you need to resave it)
  3. Thanks. Yes I can edit to lock all the other missions, just was not sure how the game translates ' character because this is the only missions that has it.
  4. I disagree. Sure the AI's code is telling the aircraft how to navigate but if it was by wire then all the bombing operations by AI would be perfect (which can be both positive and negative).
  5. Hello, Can some one please upload his campaign progress if its after 3rd mission? The file name is "campaignsstates.txt" and it is located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\swf\il2\usersave\GUID\campaign" Where GUID can be a 5 random strings (probably your user GUID) Thanks!
  6. I have tried once PWCG but for me it was too complicated to use. If the Dev team would cooperate with the developer of PWCG it would be amazing (better way to start the missions). For now I use the base career mode but I more enjoy the Scripted Campaigns.
  7. Hi, I have some questions about the recent updates that changed these two planes. 1. As I understand, the better (default pre-update) engines are now considered upgrades in the modification options? Does the Tempest upgraded engine has the same performance as before update? I feel like it still does not reach the high speeds as before the update with the upgraded engine. Am I wrong? It may also be the fact that I did not fly for several months. 2. How does it behave in the Scripted Campaigns and Single Missions? Is the new default now is non upgraded engines? This will take out a
  8. Thats awesome to hear, but for me, lets just say - wake me up when enemy AI stop rushing after you and your squad into your airfield base half the Europe map.
  9. Yes unfortunately its not worth paying for hosting with the rates of activity the application got. It never got more than 10-20 visitors a month (if we are talking about good month activity), so it was like 2$ per visitor from my wallet. Maybe in the future I will have time to: 1. Expand it to other games so more people will use it so that can increase visits 2. Use Google drive or similar service that costs less money but will require a huge amount of code rework because it means I need to implement the usage of Google API for this. Dont get me wrong, I have never cou
  10. I agree that its good, but for a full price? The map of Vol1 is small, no single player content, only thanks to the community a campaign was added in patches. I cannot justify such price for so little content. So I hope Vol2 will have much more content than the previous game had.
  11. Like re-releasing the same game on a new engine with only 75% features of the old one? (no scripted campaigns). Well if Vol2 will have finally a scripted campaigns it sure will be an unexpected move.
  12. My advice to you will be: breath, relax, read my original post again instead jumping into conclusions, it is clear that you did not spend time doing it in the first place. You are talking about B and I am talking about A, these are very different topics. No one argues that you have many many hours of map editing experience and this community owes you big thanks for all your work but that does not give you a privilege to look at other members from above (I am talking about past post history not only about this post). I can brag as well about my editing/moding skills (not only in thi
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