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  1. Good news Going to test it today. I liked your missions pack a lot and I am sure that I will enjoy your new campaign. Thanks a lot for the hard work. (I have all the collector planes, no need for keys, thanks).
  2. Here are my settings: https://ibb.co/t2YF7pR https://ibb.co/3150p0b https://ibb.co/swXJBR0 https://ibb.co/cF0TqtS I personally do not see drop in quality in those pictures but correct me if I am wrong.
  3. You need to extract it into \data\Missions folder. You can also download my third party software that does it automatically for you, I have updated the version just now to 1.6, look above few posts to locate the thread.
  4. Tank Crew: 1. Very good models, I enjoyed playing with every tank even in the quick "attack that village" mission. 2. Sherman is too OP, while T34 is so weak. I just do not get it - with T34 you can get 2 hits and your tank gets out of control and blows, while with Sherman I can clear all the enemy village and get like 10 hits and there is no damage at all. 3. Campaigns, while at first look immersive, at least the one I have player with Soviets, have radio scripted voices, but the overall design is not so good and at times its unclear if its a suicide mission or not (most of the times you will be killed). 4. QMB is not so interesting, most of the targets are moving and you have to race to catch them. 5. Controls. OMG. You have to use third party program like Joy To Key to rotate that turret. Flying Circus: 1. The QMB missions are fun. 2. The control of the planes are easy and makes the dog fights even greater than in WWII 3. With some planes I was not able to even take off. Is it a bug or just me? 4. Thanks to the community there is already a decent mission pack from Motherbrain with at least 10 scripted missions.
  5. Hi, With Motherbrain's permission, I have uploaded version 1.5 to Content Downloader appliaction. You can download it from here:
  6. We can sum it up, for everything that IL2 is - DCS World isn't. I have tried to return to DCS World few weeks ago after spending many months with IL2, and it was harder than I expected. The awful separation of the menu from the game, the menu navigation, quick mission resetting the user settings all the time, the bad performance. Oh the performance. I can max IL2 with 4K resolution and play 99% at 60 FPS while I cannot even get a good FPS at 2K medium settings in DCS World. All these things makes me appreciate how great this simulator is. It has its flaws, like a good radio communication and some bugs with the launcher, and sometimes the AI is really that stupid, but even with these flaws I am always thinking of playing this game instead all the new ones that comes out lately (Outer Worlds, RDR2, Star Wars etc).
  7. Hi, With permission from Author I have resaved the campaign to the latest version, you can download it here: Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XfLg3rH45tIOwMaeH8-1-iX_Tnl_-U3R/view?usp=sharing Content Downloader application:
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will try to fix the resizing and navigation issues you have mentioned in the next version. What version of IL2 are you using, Steam? Could you please provide more information on selecting folder issues you are having? Currently the application does not remember game selected folder by user if you have Steam version, but if you have a regular version it should detect the installation folder automatically. If that is not the case please let me know. In any case, to add support for Steam version I would need volunteers to help me find the registry locatuon that stores the Steam game location.
  9. I have added more content. 3 Scripted Campaigns: PANZERKNACKER FORTRESS STALINGRAD Fire and Ice - Bf 110 E-2 Single Player Missions: Flying Circus Vol 1 - Motherbrains Missions P51 Free Flight - Interactive Mission with Rearm
  10. Hi, I have started working on an interactive mission, somewhat similar to a mission that Stoopy uploaded. I am new to mission making and this is my first one, so I am still learning. There may be couple of issues, like enemy planes taking off weirdly, friendly AI not perfect etc, but overall it should be OK and fun You are flying P51 and on the airfield you are taking off from have a GSM with Truck which can rearm, refuel and repair your plane. The missions are various: Convoy Attack Artillery Positions Airfield Attack (Melsbroek, at the bottom of the map, see first picture below) Bomber Intercept Air Battle Tank Battle Tank Position Possible encounter with an enemy plane (currently one) More to be added in future version and/or additional similar missions To activate an event, navigate towards the appropriate icon on your map (Please see first picture below) Artillery positions are already activated at the beginning of the mission. Bombers are usually flying high, so gain altitude before arriving to the Bomber Intercept event on the map. When arriving at the event icon, a short text will be displayed on top of the screen for 20 seconds describing the current situation ("Assist friendly tanks against enemy etc") Download: Google Drive Content Downloader Installation: Extract to: \data\Missions\Zeev Missions (you can place the zip file in root of the game folder and extract) Use my third party Content Downloader to automatically install the mission. Pictures: Pictures: More Pictures:
  11. Thanks Content update: - Updated the Kuban Interactive Playground to version 1.3.1 - Added Campaign "Alberts Life" by Syndicate.
  12. Try using third party software like JoyToKey. I guess it will work with a device you are using (like Joystick).
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