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  1. Wow thanks a lot. I will try it out and provide feedback. Do you know if there are more like these mission types? Thanks!
  2. I have just played a single player mission "Ship Defense" with P40 - excellent mission and I really enjoyed it. The mission started from the parking and I had a friendly AI with me. This is actually the first mission I got to see AI start from a parking area and I was really excited that finally this feature is implemented and working. I have started the engine, then began to navigate to the runway when suddenly I started to hear my wingmans engine roar and he just took off straight from his parking spot 0_0 So I have finished this mission and restarted to check if that's just a bug but unfortunately this behavior repeated itself. Is this the reason why 99% of the other missions does not start from the parking spot if there is more than one plane in a squadron? Hope this issue will be fixed in the future. I really like to start my missions from the parking like in DCS. Video: https://youtu.be/6Ot3Uo2wqGY
  3. Are we talking about https://il2missionplanner.com? What is the purpose of this website if you have already a mission editor? You can only place waypoints and markers.
  4. i7-9700K, RTX2080TI, 16 GB RAM 55" TV.
  5. I had a strange "issue" today with P38. I have stared the mission "parked" and pressed "e" button but nothing happened. Is it a bug or can it happen sometimes? (like real engine issue). Restarting the mission "fixed" the "issue".
  6. Should have been released with the update. Is there any ETA for "Achtung Spitfire" scripted campaign?
  7. For me it runs with frequent stutters at 4K. All the other maps runs smooth without any issues at 60 FPS. I assume its an issue with either more buildings and larger cities or either performance or both. I hope they fix it.
  8. Tempest > P51 in my opinion. But great update.
  9. Radio chatter in this game is total BS. Not only you lack of options communicating with your squad, you also cannot communicate with different airfields and cannot adjust radio volume in game settings.
  10. Hello Sir, I am from the quality assurance and I have opened a bug for CPU performance issue. Have a good day.
  11. With all due respect to your game I had these download speeds for months. Here is the comparison from now (Uplay VS IL2 downloader):
  12. I wonder how they managed to make this game without crashing every 5 minutes but having this game launcher with such bugs - either its a miracle or they just do not care about the launcher at all.
  13. I am using also fiber connection, downloading games within 10 minutes (60 GB Borderlands 3 from Epic Store within 7 min), but only from IL2 game launcher I get ridiculous download speeds of 300-600 KB/s.
  14. I just did a quick mission, shot down some planes until my ammo depleted and landed on an airfield (I am sure its ours). Near the airfield my engine stopped working but I successfully landed it without any damage. In the mission summary, the map that shows all your flying path, I see an icon with my nickname "Friendly Zeev was destroyed". 0_0 Was it a bug?
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