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  1. Just tried the Bf110 G2 mission. When arriving to the mission target, I have dived in to attack the enemy bombers. Few precise (enemy) shots, although I have tried to dodge as much as I could the enemy fire - my plane exploded within seconds. Am I doing something wrong? Should I have attacked enemy fighters instead the bombers?
  2. lol your youtube title says "drop the general" and I was like "wtf can you parachute him in game?", but continued to watch the video and apparently you need to just "transfer" him to the airfield. ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. Hi, After the mission is randomized and I see the pilot names I cannot proceed (or do not know how) how to start the mission.
  4. Analyzing a picture of a map is a good idea that I also though about after seeing one of the threads discussing the generated missions placing units on water. Thats indeed a good idea, but is it worth the time? There would be less effort for developers to make an API that your or other software can ask, for example the following input: map x y and get a reply whether its a clear ground, a forest or water or maybe even a hill (so maybe even support z as an input). This will be win win for both developers and our community, as such API will help the community a lot and from other hand the community will produce a better content for the game.
  5. It actually very good. You have remakes in Dreams to games such as Mario, Fallout4, etc.
  6. I was referring to OP. ๐Ÿคช There is Dreams PS4.
  7. Have you ever tried Unreal Tournament 99 and/or Half-Life 1 editor? ๐Ÿ˜…
  8. I have tried the PWCG a month ago and never got any chance to actually start the mission. I got stuck at mission creation and read the forum guides and unfortunately was not able to properly configure the mission ๐Ÿ˜• Tried to ask about the issue in the PWCG forum but did not get any reply.
  9. 2. I would suggest adding more AA/Flak and add spotlights (not sure if the time is morning but maybe it will help for immersion). 3. Try adding a closed waypoint patrol (A -> B -> C -> A) triangle so the enemy planes will patrol endlessly not one waypoint in circles but do a triangle patrol endlessly through three waypoints (Hold shift key while adding waypoints). Also make sure you leave the default "Medium" priority so your plane will aggro the enemy planes because on high they might ignore you. 4. Oh, I turned straigh left and took off on the runway with visible ground bomb damage. 6. OK sure, as I said its only my opinion, I am sure there are other players that would like this historical aspect of the mission. Thanks for listening to my feedback.
  10. That strafing skills of yours are amazing I must say.. Great editing as well, especially the "slow motion" strafing.
  11. P51 Air Superiority is a fun mission, I really enjoyed it. P-47 D28 - Knocking on enemy gates (Rheinland version) - got shot instantly on my first approach, need to nerf the AA difficulty level in my opinion. Anyway, many thanks for your work!
  12. Hi, Some feedback on the mission. 1. Waypoint 18 (I think), the second before landing, has an issues - while passing slightly far from it it does not count, only if pass straight near it. 2. I understand that this is a recon mission, but its pretty boring. I would add enemy patrol planes near your flight path but not too close so you will have any sense of danger while flying, at least in the enemy territory. 3. The target area only has some ground units and 2-3 planes that circle without doing anything, I would add some waypoints to the enemy aircraft, and add more enemies. 4. Its not clear enough where to taxi on the start of the mission, so I would add some friendly vehicle that will point where to go, or maybe change the starting point. 5. The last waypoing is too much close to the airfield, I would change it so the player would have a better landing approach. 6. Up to you, but in my opinion the mission is too long. Took me 1 hour to complete I think.
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