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  1. *bump* If anybody is interested in flying with a few of us in S.E.5a's on Thursdays, let me know in our squadron Discord: https://discord.gg/QvpexcX
  2. A big thank you to Jasta 5 for organizing this event and to @1PL-Lucas-1Esk and @Adler_Blau for planning Entente side operations. It was a lot of fun. Well done, all!
  3. Wow, what a great video, @US213_Talbot! That's a nice synergy of narrative, music, and FC flying footage of the S.E.5a. That's very kind of you to let our squadron use it for recruitment -- I'll share the video with folks. Really nice work!
  4. I'd be game to coordinate with No 20 Sqn. We're practicing tomorrow (Saturday) at 1900 GMT (2:00 pm U.S. Central Time) for the Bloody April event, if you all want to join us (cc @NO.20_W_M_Thomson). We'll be on the New Wings Virtual Flight School TeamSpeak server for voice comms tomorrow.
  5. Is tomorrow's practice event just going to be an open server (i.e. no organized missions)? Our group is gathering there for a practice flight at 1900 GMT.
  6. I'd support a poll to get devs to address any FM issues with the S.E.5a if we can gather some specific historical (or replica flight) technical data (with sources) to make the case. Edit: US93_Larner had mentioned in the original post that the FC's S.E.5a "rudder deflection is absolutely woeful". Assuming he's talking about adverse yaw, this does actually appear to be a feature of the historical aircraft, unfortunately. The Vintage Aviator test pilot describes this aspect of the S.E.5a in this article: "... an excessive amount of adverse yaw is experienced. The adverse yaw is easily compensated for, by balancing aileron application with rudder and doesn’t prove to be a problem at all."
  7. Please do, emely! I'm curious to hear how the best pilots have made the most of the S.E.5a.
  8. Hi @BillyBark, good to hear! Since a few of us have signed up for the Bloody April event, we'll all be meeting this Saturday at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) to practice instead of Thursday. If you're signed up for that event, would you be able to meet us on Saturday? We can continue this conversation over text chat on our Discord, as well. S!
  9. @Flashy, that sounds great. I've responded to you on Discord -- let's continue the conversation there. Hopefully, you can join us for the Bloody April event.
  10. Is registration still open to other pilots?
  11. Thank you all for the replies and to =FEW=fernando11 and RedKestrel for the trainee/loaner account idea (I didn't think of that). But, since there's no dual control option, I don't think the U-2VS makes sense for Flying Circus training specifically, since the Bristol Fighter can be used instead (the observer/trainer can kind of crane over the front pilot's shoulder if the trainer needs to see a gauge). Thanks again!
  12. Hi all! I fly almost exclusively in IL-2 Sturmovik: Flying Circus but am wondering about using the U-2VS as a dual-controls trainer for new recruits into our RFC virtual squadron. I'm trying to determine whether this is feasible and so have a few questions: If two people are flying in the same U-2VS on multiplayer, can they switch off who controls the aircraft (front seat or back seat) or are the back seat pilot/gunner's flight controls only cosmetic? If the trainer pilot owns a U-2VS in the IL-2 store, does the person joining him as the gunner on multiplayer have to own the aircraft as well? In the IL-2 store, when you "gift" an aircraft to someone, can they transfer that aircraft back to another person for free (i.e. we may want to "own" only a couple of trainer U-2VS planes for the squadron that the new recruits can loan for their training, but we don't want to require for them to purchase the U-2VS since we're only training on it briefly to ultimately fly in Flying Circus)? Thank you! P.S. Fun fact: my grandfather flew in the Polikarpov Po-2 during his navigator training in the Soviet Navy's air service during WWII (then later trained in the Il-2 and Pe-2, the latter being his assigned aircraft).
  13. US93_Larner last week very helpfully messaged us and gave similar advice as J5_Baeumer just above. No56_Waggaz and I are joining up with a few others to fly together in Bloody April. We're working toward setting up No 56 (V) Sqn with A Flight for U.S. timezones, led by me, and B Flight for EU timezones, led by No56_Waggaz (this was US93_Larner's suggestion). A couple others have already expressed interest in joining up with No 56 (V) Sqn. By all means, if anybody wants to fly S.E.5a's and be part of the nucleus of our newly-forming squadron, let me know. Learn more at www.56sqn.com .
  14. No56_Waggaz, 56RAF_Talisman, and I would like to fly as one team for this event (don't mind that our squadron tags are all slightly varied 🙂), most preferably as a S.E.5a unit.
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