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  1. There are so many great reviews on YouTube you should check out for a full run down. I haven’t owned but get great reviews in your price range are “HyperX Cloud Stinger” all my research kept pointing towards them. Unfortunately they were got of stock in my area.
  2. A few questions..... 1.) Budget? 2.) Cord or Wireless? (I think you want to go with a cord setup as wireless usually uses a usb port) 3.) Do you use head tracking? (I use Trackir with pro clip. I had to find a set of head phones with smallish head band for the clip to fasten to.)
  3. Hi Muscat Sorry to hear your woes. Im going through something similar. In short. After update 3.011 I launched Il2 from steam and the sound wouldn't work in game. I restarted the game to hopefully fix the problem but from that point on the game would CTD at the first loading screen. I tried all of the suggestion which have been given to you with no result's. I sent a crash dump file to support but all I got back from them was to roll back all updates to when the game last worked. I came back to the game after a week of trying and playing DCS instead. I was just about to reinstall on a different drive when the game suddenly launched. I have no idea what made it suddenly work. But guess what happened last night after 3.012 Update the exact problem in the same procedure happened. After launch there was no sound in game. I restarted the game to the same CTD at the first loading screen and Im now locked out of the game again. So really have no idea what to do but hope the same fix just happens over time again. Sorry I have no help but to say your not alone. Things I tried............. Reinstall x 4 Update Win10, Nvidia, Sound Valid files in steam launched from steam and directly from game directory cried myself to sleep Prayed to the Il2 gods
  4. Thanks for the help guys. Im really not to sure what I did, but just before trying some of your suggestions, I tried loading again and it worked. Im really not sure what I did to make it go, after 2 re-installs and a dozen attempts at loading the game with the same crash, it just decided to work. Sorry Im not going to be able to help anyone with the same problem as I dont know what fixed it. Thanks again you 2 for posting suggestions I really appreciate it.
  5. Hi All Im an architect and Im getting more and more clients asking for a VR experience. Ive been holding out on getting a VR unit until I upgrade my laptop (1.5 yrs to go) and hopefully by then the next gen VR headset will be on the market. So Im looking for a cheap alternative in between time. My computer spec's are on the low side to run Il2 with good FPS but the main goal is to have a unit to show clients around their developments, on the plus side I would like to use it for IL2 : Alienware17 R4 i7-780HK Clockspeed: 2.9 GHz Turbo Speed: 3.9 GHz GTX 1080 RAM 16gb What Im looking at in my local market: HP WMR - $240 USD (Second Hand) "Pro's it is portable which would be great for work" ACER WMR - $305 USD (Second hand) "Pro's it is portable which would be great for work" Oculus Rift - $290 USD (Second hand) Oculas Rift - $390 USD (New) Samsung Oydessy - $450ish (New) would have to import from the US as there are no sales in NZ, "Pro's it is portable which would be great for work" Any advice would be welcomed
  6. Thank you so much for your response. Im totally dumbfounded and have no idea what more tricks I can pull. Ive reinstalled twice now and still the same. Ive launched the game from the file location and still the same. I just tried to get into viewer and mission editor which worked fine. I've put in a support ticket and attached the crash dump file yesterday and hope to hear back from them soon, until then Im totally locked out of the game. Does anyone know how to check what version you have without getting into the game? Ive been really lucky in the past and since jumping on board in 2014 haven't experienced any problems at all. Like I said the only installation / update I can think of, was installing Adobe PS Creative suite, which I cant really delete as is for work. Hope to find a solution soon as I really love this game.
  7. Im really keen to hear your views on the PLUS. Im almost there in pulling the trigger but am concerned with the performance I will get from a Alienware17 R4 i7-780HK Clockspeed: 2.9 GHz Turbo Speed: 3.9 GHz GTX 1080 RAM 16gb
  8. Im having the same problem. Very strange not being able to play.......quite distressing actually.........life is over By the way I reinstalled the whole game and still have the same problem
  9. I reinstalled Il2 and still have the same crash to desktop during the first loading screen. Really weird Il2 has run perfectly for me, up till now. Not sure what to do.
  10. Hi After updating to Update 3.011 I loaded up the game fine expect there was no sound. No starting music and once into a QMB no sound effects. I checked all settings to see if anything had changed but all volumes were set correctly. I decided to quit out and restart my computer. Now when launching the game half way through the first loading screen it crashes to desktop. Ive now tried several times and same out come. I tried going into Steam and Il2 BOS properties and "verify integrity of game files" that didn't work either. Should I reinstall? Thanks for any help WIN10 Alienware 17 R4 Laptop i7-780HK GTX1080 16gb Ram
  11. Brilliant. I will have to agree with il2crashesnfails. At 1:20 the use of a different angle than you would expect works so well. Worthy of an official trailer
  12. Hats off to you ShamrockOneFive you have created one hell of a website. Thanks for your hard work, very appreciated. Looking forward to part 3
  13. Thank you a ton Juri Great campaign. I kept wanting to fly over the front lines where Kurt Ebener brother was positioned to protect him from Ivan attacks. What a desperate struggle those last days in the pocket must have been. I will def replay this again and again.
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