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  1. "Night Night Darling, I'm just going to stay up a little later to finish off some work"...............................😝 on goes IL2 BOS Honestly the thing I dislike the most about Steam is knowing how many hours I've spent playing games.
  2. Thanks for your reply I had actually already tried that after seeing a suggestion in another post. (Maybe your post) but it didn't fix the problem. I just recheck the file location and noticed that Snapview never auto-generated after booting up Il2. I ran: STEAM Properties / Local Files / Verify Integrity of game files. This seemed to download Snapviews and fix the problem. Many Thanks my friend
  3. Hi Problem Ive been using Trackir in Il2 for years with no problems until the other day. The default head position has changed and is now seating high and to the left. Things I've tried F9 Disabled Trackir ins, home, page up, del, end, page down, to reposition my head. F10 Save current corrections in head snap position (which does not seem to work) F9 to enable Trackir So soon as I enable Trackir the head position snaps right back to the same wrong position. I've tried 5 numpad to recenter camera, which again snaps back to the s
  4. The environmental lighting and clouds are flippin amazing.
  5. Hey Buddy Ive already tried. I Talked to Milan and he said they were really behind in production and hopes to catchup with demand in the next couple of months. There is no pre order option but he is looking into it.
  6. Im in the same position. Im totally over my thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedals and want to upgrade. Ive been trying to get MFG Crosswinds for some time now. They generally are selling within 4hrs of being restocked say Milan (Owner) until they can catch up with production. My problem is that when ever they restock its 3am here in New Zealand.
  7. Thanks for your help I'll just get it back and give it a go.
  8. Is it possible to use 2x Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog throttles? A while back I bought a faulty second hand Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog joystick and throttle, with the thought of fixing the faulty buttons on the joystick. I disassembled the joystick but wasn't able to fix it. Later on I bought a new Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog joystick and throttle, so now have 2 throttles. Will Il2 (or other sims like DCS) allow me to use both throttles for double engined aircraft? I would just give it a go but have lent to a friend and would rather ask for it back once I knew it would wo
  9. Thanks for your reply. Solution is in above post
  10. Thanks Jade Monkey & Blitzen for your help. Im gona try a clean install, its been ages and prob due for one.
  11. Hi Whenever I load any mission I get "Object undefined" pop up. When I press ok another one pops up. It seems to cycle all objects within the mission. Any help appreciated SOLVED: I had - "draw distance" & "draw distance emitters" mods turned on at the same time. Once I removed "draw distance" mod, there are no more pop ups.
  12. Hi Jade Everytime I load one of your missions I get a pop up "Object undefined" once I click ok another pops up. Any idea how to fix this? EDIT: This actually happens when I load any mission even the stock game missions. I'll have a look at the Technic Help forum SOLVED: It was a problem with loading 2 of the same Mod. Jade Monkey: Delete this post if you think its best, as it has nothing to do with your missions. Thanks for your help and wonderful work, you're a champ
  13. I love articles like this.. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/121990112/treasure-trove-of-hidden-historic-planes-including-rare-wwii-mosquito-to-see-the-light
  14. You are totally right no advantage in a TIE. It would be all for the immersion, which for me is a huge thing. Just couldnt go back to a fixed head position, feels so unnatural now.
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