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  1. Just got notice of scheduled delivery on Nov. 19th. Hopeful that it will be a noticeable upgrade to my G1.
  2. Your instructions do reference version 9 but it is likely that anyone running this recently would have downloaded the newer version. Also, I'm getting higher scores now, around 3300 at 5.3 Ghz, but perhaps the change may depend on the the CPU type.
  3. FYI version 10 of PassMark has been released but you can still find verion 9 in the download section. The CPU Single Threaded test in version 10 has changed so results will not be comparable to the previous tests.
  4. I finished this recently and can recommend. I was my first ground pounding campaign and helped me learn a new skill set. I racked up a large number of ground kills, mostly artillery, and also got pretty good at taking out AA. I found that vehicles were more trouble than they were worth, particularly armor, probably because I can't seem to master bombing, getting my best results dropping over lines of artillery. Minor quibble - some of the flights were quite long. And I was disappointed that enemy fighters for the most part never engaged my squadron. My gunner had one air kill, as did I
  5. I also found little difference between frame rates in IL-2 with HT on or off. I'm inclined to disable it since nothing I do other than bench marking seems to benefit from it.
  6. The data is accurate and realistic. I can run 5.4 GHz without crashes but I think 5.2 GHz is better for the longevity of the CPU and the performance difference is minimal. And I noted the 5.5 run was just for fun. Someone with a chilled cooler could probably get a stable overclock at the speed so it is an option.
  7. I'm not using default. It is set to 0. Makes sense but I'm more curious whether there are any real world situations where I would see a benefit.
  8. Interesting. Anyway I've never used an offset. I'm going to do some reading on the subject to see if there is a scenario where I would see a benefit.
  9. No AVX offset - as far as I know IL-2 doesn't use AVX instructions so it wouldn't be a factor. I feel like I lost a couple of fps after the latest update. Anyway, this isn't a sustainable overclock with water cooling and in fact for daily use I run at 5.2 Ghz with no AVX offset.
  10. So true. But I've managed to use the machine guns as substitute sight when this happens. Actually I don't find them much use otherwise.
  11. Thanks. I'm a mere mortal who has an slightly expensive hobby! I'm using a Thermaltake Core P5 case and really like the open layout though it is pretty loud when the fans are at full speed. It is designed to hold up to a 480mm radiator, but as you can see I was able to squeeze in the larger size. It has a tempered glass cover but lately it is rarely mounted as I've been tweaking the components, for example changing the radiator orientation to reduce back pressure on the fans. I'm contemplating replacing the case with a Core P7 and using 2 water loops but I may wait until the next generat
  12. For this run I had the voltage at 1.31. I don't see very high temperatures on your benchmark. Anyway, 5.4 is stable at 1.30 but I can't run 5.5 for long at that voltage. I'm going to see if I can get it stable at a higher voltage so I can finish a run on something like Time Spy where I am getting to 97C . Cooling is custom loop using a 560mm radiator with 8 x140mm fans in push/pull. CPU and GPU are using water blocks though motherboard and memory are not.
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