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  1. If you are planning on overclocking the KS has a better shot at the higher frequencies. But you are correct that the difference isn't significant.
  2. Thanks, I am using a 560mm radiator with 8 fans in push/pull which works well. Idle temps are around 30°C, going to around 60-70°C under load.
  3. I installed the i9-9900KS this evening and set the overclock to 5.3 on 2 cores and 5.1 on 8 cores and was able to get 15205 on Timespy. My previous high score was 15011. Seems completely stable too. So mission accomplished. Nice! I am running 4300 cl17. I haven't tried but I doubt I can tighten up the timing.
  4. Yes. I often see frame rates in the 70s on my Reverb so even with overclocking on both the CPU and GPU there is room for improvement. You might suspect that the CPU is not a bottleneck, but there are plenty of benchmarks demonstrating improved performance with the faster CPUs. Check the recent reviews of the i9-9900KS for examples of this.
  5. Intel states "Gamers and overclocking enthusiasts will be able to take performance to the max with the 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900KS Special Edition processor." But I stand corrected regarding warranties as you are proof some people who consider themselves enthusiasts are concerned about the shorter warranty. I am not.
  6. I'm not sure that it makes that much sense but I'm going to see if I can get to a sustained 5.4 GHz overclock. Currently I run 2 cores at 5.2 no problem so we'll see. One nice aspect of the purchase is that it included the Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan at no additional cost. This isn't really a regular consumer product. Enthusiasts probably aren't as worried about limited warranties. Personally I'll probably be upgrading again in a generation or 2 to try to get better VR performance.
  7. I just ordered one from Newegg. Not a big net cost if I sell my current cpu.
  8. Since I already have water cooling I may grab one if available near list price but don't expect to see much benefit over my overclocked i9-9900K.
  9. Good points. I like the potential of a Guadalcanal campaign for the mix of aircraft and land and sea operations, but the Japanese were flying quite a ways to the operations areas and that was also true for both sides in the various carrier battles. I'm not sure there are any great solutions for that in a sim environment. I can imagine a smaller map with one side spawning in the air at an edge point but that means only one set of carriers or bases.
  10. I would happily replace my Reverb with something better, but I remain convinced that the Reverb is the best that current GPUs can handle. Also, the Reverb images in the video seem to be blurrier than what I see on mine.
  11. Sounds like you have it sorted out. Enjoy!
  12. I saw this B-17 at a show in May. Very sad.
  13. Make sure the connector near the headset is seated well. And take a look at this: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c06308089
  14. Are you plugged into a DisplayPort 1.3 and a USB 3.0 port?
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