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  1. I'm not sure that it does anything with VR since there is another setting "Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames". The lowest I can set there is "1", not "0" or "Ultra". But I went ahead and set Low Latency Mode to "Ultra" anyway for non VR stuff..
  2. Is the price of the monitor included in the total? For example, while I play IL-2 in VR, I use a 4K TV as my monitor. But the VR headset will run several hundred dollars as will a VR headset. You can build a very nice PC for $1500-2000, and as mentioned above a nice budget PC for a lot less.
  3. My Reverb has also been trouble free so far. I don't use reprojection and see frame rates in the 70-80 range most of the time, using overclocked GTX 2080 Ti, i9-9900K at 5.2 GHz. I agree the colors aren't quite right but it still looks great. I think with the Reverb, VR has finally come of age.
  4. Nice flying, I think you knocked down nearly as many fighters in this sortie as actual Me 262s did in all of WW2.
  5. I would guess it is more likely your CPU, assuming the number of rendered objects is similar in the various scenarios you've tried.
  6. I was replying to the original question: "If you could choose five new planes for the Luftwaffe, not variants of the existing ones, which one would you pick?" It is a fair point regarding the Me 410 if it was not used in any of the existing maps, in which case my answer would be I don't think there are any Luftwaffe planes left that need to be developed, at least until additional maps/battles are created.
  7. Hopefully will become available a bit closer to home.
  8. As much as I admire the uber-planes, I think the developers should stick to the most commonly used models. And so far they have (technically) with the exception of the Do 217 which was produced in greater numbers than the Me 262 but then doesn't seem to have been used much in the east or late in the war so that omission makes sense. I say technically because while the Me 262 was produced in fairly large numbers, I don't think very many were operational so the production numbers are misleading. Anyway, of the remaining possibilities, it seems to me the Me 410 is the most logical choice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_production_during_World_War_II
  9. It looks good. I particularly like the included trim wheel. But it isn't clear how to order one.
  10. At 100% SteamVR show the resolution at 2512x2456 per eye.
  11. Tracking is good for IL-2 which is all I am using it with so far. And going forward it will mostly be for cockpit sims. I do have to remember to turn the lights on as it doesn't track well in a dark room. For my purposes WMR works just as well as the Rift system did. The LCDs are perhaps a bit less vivid, but still fine. I'm not at home now but will check the resolution when I get back. I do remember that the recommended was 130% of default, but that the nearest to native resolution was around 78%. I tried it at all 3 (78%, 100%, 130%) and couldn't really see much difference. I am still playing around with the settings. For example I bumped AA down to 2X and also couldn't see much difference. It seems to me the higher pixel density is much more effective than the various quality related settings. But I imagine others may be more sensitive to these things.
  12. So far after approximately 4 hours of use no problems with cable, heat or flickering. As far as SDE compared to the Odyssey +, the Reverb does not fill out the pixels in the same way, and therefore the edges of the pixels are more defined, but the pixels are so small that you have to look for it. In game I don't notice it at all unless I try by focusing on a particular area without moving my eyes or head. The net result is a much clearer image. You can see distant objects much better. I ordered it from Amazon on 4/27. I also built my new system for it and have been annoyed having to wait.
  13. I love it. Absolutely an amazing experience. I have previously used a Rift and an Odyssey +, and this takes VR to a whole new level. I would say the visual quality is somewhere between 1080p and 4K. Text, for example on labels and instruments, is very clear. SDE is still there but not nearly as distracting as my previous VR sets. It is extremely light. The cable is heavy so needs to be supported so as not to drag on the headset. The only issue I have had so far is one earphone quickly worked loose, but was easily fixed. I thought the colors were way off until I realized I had left the blue tinted lens protectors on. Note I am running water-cooled and highly overclocked i9-9900K and and RTX-2080 Ti, and still dialed the shadow and grass quality down to keep frame rates near 90. Highly recommended if you have the hardware to run it, and I would speculate that it would still be better than the alternatives running at lower quality settings.
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