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  1. yes and even with all the deficiencies of VR its still a game changer and if you fly with VR consistently you will never be able to go back to a flat monitor. We complain that one headset doesn't have it all or that VR is not perfect but its such a leap forward in how you can experience IL2.
  2. I am looking forward to your review when I first put on the headset I had that wow this is the future moment. The clarity is amazing, dang near looking at the monitor, but mine was pleaged with issues I think they were from the connecting cord, it was a issue for many but hopefully they fixed that. It's really strong in clarity but real week in FOV some can look past that but the future with that clarity and the pimax FOV and the index sweet spot is going to be awsome I am excited for what VR will bring.
  3. I really enjoyed my pimax5k+ i upgraded from the CV1 to that and it was a def wow factor. I had the HP reverb for about a week before i sent it back screen flickering was bad in the HMD i had. the clarity was awesome but the FOV was terrible, if i want from the CV1 to Reverb i probably would have not minded but after trying the pimax i could not go back to that small FOV. I recently picked up the Valve index and i have to say i have never plug in my pimax again. it doesn't have the FOV of the 5k but to me it doesnt seem that much different than the pimax on small fov which i was running anyway to keep and acceptable FPS. the clarity and sweet spot seemed better than the pimax and the FPS i get is better. My biggest issue was my pimax not recognizing the base stations put in multiple help tickets the remoted in and fixed it but it was always an issue. The Pimax always felt like a work in progress, where as the Index feels like a polished product (in my experience). over all the ease of use, clarity, better FPS, and decent FOV for me makes the Valve index the overall best headset on the market today. VR very subjective and every ones eyes see different things and everyone has diffrent selling points whether thats FOV (Pimax) or resolution (Reverb) price Rift S. having tried all except the (Rift S) my go to is the Index.
  4. I had better performance with the pimax 5k than I did with the reverb. I didn't have alot of time with the reverb due to the screen flicker so I didn't have that much time play with settings.
  5. ya when it was not flickering it was an awesome experience. i think i stay with the Pimax 5k until they fix their problems or something new and improved comes along
  6. have any of you experienced the screen flickering in one or both eyes? i dont want to send it back but its really nauseating
  7. I recieved my HP reverb on Monday of this week I've got to play around with it in il2 for a few sessions this week. Coming from the oculus rift it is amazing the clarity is awesome. It is nearly monitor quality. The 3d image seems equal to that of the rift. When it works it is top notch but after playing for about 20 min the left eye screen flickers and some times the right it makes me so nauseous. The other negative is the fov if coming straight from the rift it's the same, but I dabbled with the pimax 5k and the clarity from the rift to that is a huge jump up and the fov is 2nd to none. So after trying the 5k then going to the reverb it felt so restrictive but I'm sure over time you could get used to it. In the end I'm sending the reverb back, but I am excited for the future of vr
  8. Thank you @GVL224 for the awesome modular throttle set up and thank you for the great support in getting everything set up once I got it. Anyone considiring purchasing a new throttle purchase one from this man. The quality, price, and customization is unmatchable.
  9. Ya I had the wing span panel for the gyro site I will mount it on my joystick mount
  10. awesome video, I really enjoyed it hope to see more videos like this in the future.
  11. @JonRedcorn yes im using vr. Most of my footage in the cockpit is unusable because its so shaky. So i had to get creative with different camera angles in order to make a video.
  12. yes i did live, might have had a mild concussion though lol
  13. A video of my experience with 27-2 in the 23rd mission "The Last Gasp" of the ACG Campaign.
  14. @PatrickAWlson thank you for your hard work Flying the jug in PWCG is a dream come true. Cant wait to do some coop events with this.
  15. if you use xpadder or a similar type of software you can use one sticks axis as the mouse inputs and key strokes or mouse clicks to the other buttons.
  16. i use a xbox360 controller for tanks with the xpadder software and it works great for vr
  17. My mostly DIY set up MFG Crosswinds, VKB Gunfighter Pro with DIY center mount, DIY throttle with GVL224 components and diy desk mount, two tactile transducers one under the seat and one under the flight stick mount, and of course Oculus Rift
  18. Ya i have its pretty awesome riding around in a tiger with the hatch open so you can see everything. I wasn't much for tanks just wanted to support the devs but it shocked me i enjoy it
  19. i received these throttle components from @GVL224 with the intentions of creating my own throttle quadrant with the mmjoy32 software. the components from @GVL224 are really top notch and are really easy to use in DIY projects, i got some different switches and made the box from MDF board painted it up and this is the final product. @GVL224 could have made a much cleaner looking throttle quadrant than i did at pretty close to the same price but i enjoy having projects. If any one is looking to do a DIY throttle quadrant or just looking a throttle quadrant i really recommend @GVL224's products.
  20. I hardly notice the screen door effect or the lower resolution, the experience of being in the cockpit makes those things irreverent, and for those that say they dont fly vr because the resolution makes it impossible to spot obviously have never tried the 3DMigoto mod for VR. With that you are every bit as competitive in mp if not more so due to gunnery being so much more intuitive in 3d vr than a 2d monitor. my favorite part of flying vr is not having HUD and having to learn how to fly all the planes by the gauges. another immersive part of not having HUD is taking damage i had my wing hit bad in MP by another plane i managed to escape, but my plane was just not flying right i suspected an aileron rod/cable had been destroyed. after landing the plane i looker at my wing and my aileron was just hanging there due to the cable being destroyed and no airflow keeping it up. i have played this game since the beginning and never once noticed that was even implemented. vr has made me see this game in a new light and i appreciate the little details so much more.
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