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  1. Silly me landed on the taxiway instead of the runway and flipped over, but this still counted as a successful landing. (And yes I fly with infinite ammunition, as you can see on the bottom of the screen, because I still suck at hitting the targets)
  2. You just shot down my favorite bomber. Still some cool screenshots though.
  3. That's cool! I don't know why, but I always liked captured planes
  4. Did somebody already make this skin? If not then I request this P-51 with the "cookie" text on the nose (I actually don't know who flew it, the only reason why I want it, is because I have it as a Revell-plane)
  5. How do you post your screenshots here? When I want to post one it says that it's bigger than 5mb.....
  6. Hi jollyjack Thanks for your advice, I looked up the things you said, the yoke was indeed not showing up in the device manager, so I removed the input folder, and after booting up Sturmovik it was there with those text files, so removing the folder worked for me. Thanks a lot! Victor
  7. Hello I am very new to the Il-2 flight simulator because I bought Battle of Stalingrad yesterday, but had to realise that my Saitek flight yoke with throttle quadrant doesn't work. I have it fully setup for FSX, but the inputs don't seem to appear in key mapping settings Sturmovik. Can somebody help me please? Any kind of help would be appreciated.(I don't want to spend money on a joystick if there is someway to make the yoke work) Regards, Victor
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