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  1. I have come across duplicate enemy flights, for example in the mission briefing it says that I will find a flight of il 2 of three planes but I end up finding two or three flights and a total of six or nine planes of this type
  2. Just today I was going to start playing again after a while and I found the update, I downloaded it and the performance went to the floor, very low fps when there is some kind of action and way too many stuttering. I do not know if it is a coincidence or it was because of the update, if someone has any information or the same thing is happening to them please share it because now for me it is simply unplayable and I really enjoy it a lot
  3. Thank you very much for the answers i guess i'll just have to wait 😩
  4. I just wanted to ask if there is any information about the release date, my intention is to buy it now in advance but I have doubts since I will not have much time to dedicate it and enjoy it after January and i do not know if it is convenient for me to pay for it now. Thanks for any information.
  5. Fully understood thank you very much for the answer
  6. I'm not completely sure how it works and if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it, I have two questions: 1. I know that in the medium level an enemy bomber flight , an ally one and the number of escorts that it has the advanced configuration are added, but are these flights additional to the number of max flights per side that I have in the advanced configuration? For example, if I have 4 flights for the allied, does it mean that in total there would be 5 for them? 2. The description says that in medium level the number of escorts that are put in the virtual escorts c
  7. I started an interceptor campaign with the JV44 that has the ME 262 and all the missions have the description of intercepting enemy planes in some location but when I play the mission the only thing my flight companions do is attack ground targets and no enemy planes are seen, with each mission is the same situation (this is on the map of Bodenplatte).
  8. So if i set the virtual scort to 2 in the advance configuration but i set the CPU allowance to low there will be no escorted flight? enemies or allies? Also in the advanced configuration there is only the option of virtual escorts number but it does not specify if they are only enemies or for both sides.
  9. Yes I select them before generating the mission but they do not appear and I have only downloaded the PWCG program but not the skin files that are on the page, should I download those files and put them in the location you mentioned?
  10. I add skins for myself and my teammates but they don't appear in the mission. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, should I download the skin files from the PWCG page?
  11. Thank you very much everyone for your suggestions, I was comparing some of the equipment mentioned in this forum and I am definitely below what is required, the funny thing is that I only have these problems on the bodenplatte map.
  12. Playing on the Bodenplatte map I have found a lot of stuttering, after trying several things and reducing the graphic quality a little, the performance has improved but it still happens a lot and I have realized that the reason is the large number of cities that this map has, my question is: is there any way to edit the map and remove some cities or some buildings to improve performance a bit? I have already tried reducing the quality of the entire landscape and does not help much.
  13. I have played a bit of both in the battle of bodenplatte and in the stock campaign playing as a fighter, everything is patrolling, finding a lot of enemy fighters and fighting with them and with the PWCG campaign, many times I have found bomber formations with their escorts and I have to try to shoot them down without being shot down myself, i think this is the mission we all want to fly as a German fighter in 1944-45. What I'm trying to say is that PWCG offers a much less monotonous campaign.
  14. Thank you very much for the answers, they were very useful
  15. Many thanks, one last thing, to go from the eastern front (1942-43) to the western front (1944-45) as a German pilot in PWCG do I have to select all the maps when creating my career?
  16. yes with a german character and is the same with the pwcg tool?
  17. I have the battle of stalingrad, kuban and bodenplatte, my question is if I start my career in stalingrad can I continue to kuban and then to bodenplatte with the same character? And do a single long career and keep my stats......assuming I survive everything. Thank you.
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