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  1. 1. Have you "fish-eye" trouble with normal zoom after 4.006d update? -YES 2. Which VR device model you have? - Vive Pro 3. Have you d3d11.dll file in <game_install_folder>\bin\game\d3d11.dll folder? - No 4. Is PC restarting solving this issue? - Nope
  2. The point is to not record while I'm actually playing the game from the track files so I can record from multiple views as well as turn the resolution up to maximuim settings , does OBS allow you to do that? I knew about this already and it can also be done with the steam vr mirror. But what I'm trying to do is record from the track file as it allows more control of the camera views and I can record at resolutions that are not possible running a recording software in the background let alone in VR due to how taxing VR is on the system. I can play in lower settings to get 80-90 fps then turn off VR and make the resolution in game maxed out as well as every setting in game then record it at 4k while changing my camera angles and even having picture in picture of first person perspective and external view running synchronous. OBS just records what I see through the HMD. hope my explanation clarifies what I'm trying to convey? Thanks for the advice regardless it is appreciated. There's gotta be a way to change the eye for track recording 😞
  3. I record tracks in game and then use a 3rd party app to record the track once I edit the views how I want, the problem is the crosshair is offset because the ingame track recorder records the left eye and not my dominate eye. Is there a way to force the game recorder to use the other eye? Didn't see anything in the config. Side note tried using the mirror setting in steam vr but it seems to not matter what eye I set it to there.
  4. Hey Patrick, Love the Mod! I was clicking through the coop video's and it appears to me that this link is dead Add a coop user and persona it tries to take me to my youtube studio.
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