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    Leave it on. If you don't like, don't use it (hint: you can assing a button to turn off GPS). Don't try to force others to follow your rules if you're not the admin. Easy
  2. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    Tank Crew in VR

    so far, I feel the icon thing is only for the PzIII and the T-34. I didn't experience this in the Tiger or KV. Actually, the VR "camera" is independent of the turret "camera" and the IL2 engine tries to not render things not visible (even though it is because you're looking in that direction with the VR HMD...)
  3. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    A few important questions about tank crew.

    you get infantry if you machinegun some AT guns. Soldiers start to run away, you can now machinegun even more stuff ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    New tanks in VR

    how do the highlighted section match? If you don't have it, how can you judge it? I have it, and it's amazing and much different from the free-for-all PzIII and T-34 that are in the game for a while... Please, don't throw out statements like this without owning the DLC. Thank you
  5. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    FC early access in VR

    Amazing. Not much more to say. Setup: Stalingrad autum Groupfight over the city 6 vs 6 2km aside at 900m Heavy clouds 1000m Best WW1 feeling!
  6. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    New tanks in VR

    It just amazing. But you need to disable sharpen in grafics options and lefunestes mod for zoom. But with this, it's mindblowing
  7. folks... try FC in VR with a fan in front of your face. IT'S F****ING AMAZING
  8. I now own all the available items from the shop. Now I feel empty. please announce more to pre-order ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. a 1080TI and a good i7, not great but good enough. I see no big difference in size, 130 to 140% in SteamVR is the sweet spot for me. Actually, now I disabled the ingame sharpen effect, which gives me a very static ground and easy spotting.
  10. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    when can I pre-order? That's all I need to know. My wallet is ready ๐Ÿ’ธ
  11. I went a very different way: Steam SS to 140%, enable advanced super sampling thingy in steam. Ingame: preset high, NO AA and lefunestes mod. I can spot targets easily, a clear and crisp image and lots of performance because of no AA, gamma to 0.8 and shadows high, terrain blurry, normal distance and 70km view range.
  12. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    Art of Aviatoin

    hast ne PM
  13. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    Developer Diary, Part 195 - Discussion

    bye bye war thunder! did someone post the video/dev block over there? :D
  14. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    Tactical Air War

    So...? What does it mean? Sorry, I don't play on a regular basis. When does the next campaing start?
  15. =ARTOA=VRPilot

    Tactical Air War

    Friday night and server down? What happened?