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  1. good to know. thanks very interesting. thanks. Great information. Maybe current simplified throttle arrangement is to stop people easily frying their engines by pulling too many RPM for to long?
  2. Ok thanks guys. Interesting. Just feels like the Spitfire is slow against the 109 Anyway I appreciate the feedback. Cheers Ken 5421
  3. Hi there, Ok so the Spitfire IXE. On the boost dial in the cockpit we have normal, then RED, then GREEN. I'm assuming everything on the IXE for boost is automatic? Why is it that I'm never boosting beyond RED into the GREEN? Is it to do with altitude? My concern is that I'm missing a setting to get extra boost The older version of spitfire I like because you know when you hit boost it is done. But then easy to fry your engine if you go too long. But the IXE. Am I missing anything??? Cheers Ken 5421
  4. Thanks for all the replies and feedback guys! Very helpful. Cheers Ken5421
  5. Are we going to see the Mosquitoe rolled out in this game? I read that it was deployed in Russia. Amazing aircraft
  6. Does the Spitfire 1XE have a boost button? If yes, once activated can that boost be controlled? Also what is the point of a super charger? What does it do? Is that used at altitude to cope with thin air? I use one of those condensed keyboards and when I key map the boost option not working along with T+- and T+= to control boost. So not sure what i'm doing!! Cheers Ken
  7. Hi SCG_Riksen Thanks for the reply What group are you in? Cheers Ken Ok will check it out. I thought you had to pay a subscription fee to access team speak
  8. Ok so I have a suggestion. I love playing sturmovik. There are however a couple of key things missing from the game. 1. Communication. We need to be able to communicate more with each other. Typing is a pain. I think developers need to come up with an in house radio system so we can talk to each other. 2. Wingmen were critical. You were expected to do your job and look out for your partner. But this is non existent in live game play. People just don't help each other. I suspect this is because of the lack of communication. One idea is AI wingmen. so a non player AI aircraft flying with you. I think this would go someway to creating the team work that was required of fighter pilots. If above not possible then maybe developers can find a way to introduce people when they are on the ground. So the plane spawns. As I'm preparing the aircraft for start up I can see other planes spawning next to me. If we could see names of players so we could at least message to say - Hi Ken - can we team up. Sturmovik is a fantastic game. I love playing it. I think above points are relevant and I would be interested to hear what people think. Cheers Ken5421
  9. Hi Vess. Hope you are well mate. I cant help on the questions but maybe Therion can. Reference TrackIR, their support team is really helpful. I received a very quick reply when I contacted them recently so suggest you email them on support@naturalpoint.com I will chase up Therion and see what he says. See you out there. Cheers Ken
  10. OK thanks Therion. Very helpful. See you out there. If you are flying for the Reds maybe we can team up and do wingmen. See you out there. Cheers Ken
  11. Thanks Therion. The changes really helped. A lot smoother now and I hardly have any shuddering. Couple more questions - 1. When you say the net code has not been tweaked, once this is done can I revert back to y old settings? I want to enjoy best graphics and speed as possible in the long run 2. By enabling 4k textures what are you actually doing? Anyway thanks for your help. Cheers Ken p.s. let me know what servers you play on. Catch you in a DF sometime. I usually fly Russian and my name is Ken5421
  12. Ok many thanks EAF_T_Therion. That is very helpful. Thanks so much. Cheers Ken
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