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  1. Very good point. If I cant repair this one I should upgrade to something like you suggest. Are you using VR yet?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty sure it is not trim but will have a look. But good point. The problem is across all aircraft. There is an inconsistent yawing left and right when I turn. I tried calibrating the joystick and I can see that my right yaw is hardly working and left is inconsistent. So I'm thinking it is a sensor problem in my joystick. Costs about £35 GBP to replace joystick or I could try and repair but it looks complicated. I found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otk8uFOCD64 I think it is a sensor right in the core base of controller, unless something has worked lose somewhere. Worse case a sensor may have failed. I have had this joystick about three years I think. What a pain! Will try and figure it out. Thanks for replying. Cheers, Ken
  3. When I play Sturmovik the aircraft is constantly yawing making control very difficult. I assume must be a problem with the Logitech Extreme 3D PRO JOYSTICK? When I turn left or right the yawing increases Any ideas Ken
  4. Many thanks for your response. That is very helpful. Sounds like I should stick with my PC rig for Sturmovik. Thanks again cheers Ken
  5. Ok thanks Oliver. Yes I need to play it. See you up there
  6. Ok many thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. On the Spitfire I set my guns to 200 metres. A lot of my kills are via deflection shot where I don't often see the target, because I'm used to tight turning I'm aiming ahead. But with blackouts I think I need to rethink my whole approach to air combat. Your feedback is very interesting - thanks. Also what is FC?
  7. I'm a non techie so be patient with me. Is anyone playing Sturmovik via Nvidia GeForce? I know Google with Stadia and Microsoft with xcloud are competing in the online game streaming sector. But I understand Nvidia GeForce is superior. I bought Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad plus the others via the main website and not steam. I went downloaded Nvidia GeForce onto my PC and you can access Steam through that. You can add games there. The only way I can add Sturmovik is via the activation product keys but I can't find them. Or am I missing something? I have a pretty good rig. My system is: Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70 GHz Installed memory (RAM): 16.0 GB (15.9 GB Usable) System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64 - based processor Windows 10 Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 So the big question - is playing Sturmovik via an online streaming service going to give me a better performance than what I currently have? Inevitably this kind of streaming will overtake my rig. I currently play on maximum graphic settings using head tracker. Currently getting some micro freezing Also if I want to try it through Nvidia GeForce, where can I find my old product keys?
  8. Ok thanks for the great feedback. That is very interesting to read and makes a lot of sense. The biggest killer for me nowdays is crashing because of blackout. It is very frustrating. Also very frustrating that when I'm chasing a target they seemingly pull high G moves. I follow and black out, lose the target and then get nailed. Or when my vision returns I have lost the target. I think as you say its knowing your limitations and not being drawn into a bad situation in the first place. It is very easy to get fixated on a target.
  9. Yes I need to check out FC1. I do wonder how well calibrated the whole blackout thing is. Because every individual would be different. But I guess developers have to draw the line somewhere. Thanks for the feedback Is there an optimum combat speed in the spit to balance tight manoeuvring with avoiding blackouts? I will definitely check out FC1. Thanks for the feedback
  10. Ok thanks for the feedback. I read somewhere the Spitfire can easily exceed the pilots G force tolerance. Now I understand why former pilots say it was tricky and could bite you really hard if mistakes were made
  11. Ok so blackouts is definitely interesting. I normally fly the Spitfire. I'm noticing in dogfights that as I follow some pilots during air combat as I try to get a bead, I'm blacking out. Are some pilots switching blackouts off? Is that possible? I like blackouts because I probably fly better but it can be frustrating. A lot of my deaths are manoeuvring leading to a blackout and then hitting the ground. Or manoeuvring during a dog fight, blacking out and then during that period of darkness and no control, I get creamed. Very frustrating. Did German pilots have G suits? It has made flying and air combat harder but equally more rewarding when you get a kill. Interested to hear any feedback. Also seems like many people now using VR. I'm still on head tracker. Are people finding a definite advantage on VR?
  12. Appreciate the feedback. Yes I agree. Just more realistic and you have to fly within physical limits
  13. Was off Sturmovik and came back after a few weeks to a huge number of updates. What do people make of the blackouts? I fly the Spitfire Mark V and IX. Blackouts seems to come on far to easily. All you can do is centre the stuck in that situation. Game feels unplayable in a dog fight. Also I'm assuming designers have made it harder to bale out at high speed? Would be interested to hear peoples thoughts
  14. Thanks Sneaksie. Yes I found this info online and just did it. Updated fine and now appears ok. Cheers Ken
  15. Hi there. Opened Sturmovik to new updates coming through. I assume this is version 3.102 Download reached the end. Unpacking files flashes up. Then says download has failed or whatever. Any ideas? I'm assuming if memory capacity issue that would say. I'm continually having problems with Windows updates screwing up my PC. I'm just sick and tired of it. Will Sturmovik ever be on Stadia? Cheers Ken
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